Alexa voice control

Guido, may I suggest that you start a separate thread if you have to urge to inform people about integrity and security implications with Alexa and cloud based voice control in general.

I wish someone were listening to everything we say in my home about the Trump administration!

Anyway, Alexa controlled Roon would be great!

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Could I please give this thread a gentle bump @danny as this is surely an essential feature for Roon moving forward.

If people don’t like the idea of an always on Amazon device in their house then don’t buy one - simple.

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I rather not have it. If people want such niche future it should be enable as an extension. This just adds bloat to the code.

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no need to bump, we are on it.

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That’s great news.

Any indication of your current progress?

Never thought I’d find a fellow Blade on here! Can I throw one in for Google Home integration?

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@Stephen_Blatherwick Very proud Blade at the minute too :+1:

Did I mention that I’d like Google Home integration too…? :wink:


Any update on Alexa voice control?

its being actively worked on.

Any chance of supporting Apple’s HomePod (at least for voice control), or does Apple lock it down?

Let’s start with Alexa, as it is the leader in capabilities, marketshare, and number of integrations.

If Alexa is a success, we can look at other solutions.


I have serveral echo (full sized and dots) around the house. I would love to know if you’re planning to have voice control of current endpoints as well as the ability to turn an echo (and its bluetooth connected speakers) into an endpoint. This alone would integrate both tidal to the echo and amazon music (prime or otherwise) to the Roon software and would more than likely tip my hand into paying for the software after my trial period ends…

Wow. Just saw this. Delighted - and disappointed - to hear this.

Delighted 'cuz I love Alexa, and know you guys will do a great job!

Disappointed because I bought a bunch of dots specifically because I was going to try to do this myself, since the Roon API is open and all. That’s what I get for being too slow…

Will be great though! :thumbsup:

To do this well on something like Roon which can run everywhere, you’d need to write something scalable to be able to send commands from AWS Lambda to Roon. Not really doable as a hobby.

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Never stand between a man and his hobby – the audiophile industry is built on that principle. :slight_smile:


Yeah! And it woulda’ been fun to try! :wink:

Sure, a generic, scalable solution with some kind of Roon Cloud Service isn‘t in the scope of a hobbyist. But since November 2016 i‘m running my own Alexa custom skill. It‘s neither scalable nor portable, but i’m able to control Roon on my Windows PC by voice.

That‘s what i‘ve implemented so far:

  • playback control (play, pause, next, previous)
  • volume control
  • switch zones
  • play [artistname] (play tracks of selected artist)
  • play random (play random album from beginning)
  • play album (play album belonging to current playing track from beginning)
  • play radio (start radio for current track)
  • ask for name, album and artist of current playing track
  • ask for name, album and artist of last x played tracks

Everything is done without using the Roon API, since it wasn‘t available at the end of last year. To control Roon i‘m using old fashioned mouse/keyboard macros. To get the information about the played tracks, i‘m querying The communication between AWS Lambda and my Roon Controller is done via AWS SQS (Simple Queue Service). I‘ve chosen SQS for security reasons, because i don‘t want to open a port on my router to access the Roon controller in my network.

Looking forward to an official Roon Alexa skill. Very curious which features it will offer.

Can you share the skill?