Alfonso ferrabosco

in this album the composer should be Alfonso Ferrabosco the younger (in my file tags, Alfonso Ferrabosco II). while roon credits say Alfonso Ferrabosco.

in allmusic i could not find Alfonso Ferrabosco the younger…

Hi @Niccolo_Terzi,

Can you share what’s in your file tags here? I looked into things on our end and they appear to be correct so we’d like to take a closer look at the tags.

Hi @dylan
this is the page linkd to Alfonso Ferrabosco:

the description corresponds to Alfonso Ferrabosco the elder.
for this album the correct composer should be (i have found him in allmusic):

if i tag the files with composer “Alfonso Ferrabosco the younger” i get:

but the link is empy:

if i tag with “Alfonso Ferrabosco” i get as a composer the previous “Alfonso Ferrabosco” the elder.
if i completely remove the composer tags… i get again as composer “Alfonso Ferrabosco” the elder.
so i guess that what is present in roon metadata.

Hi @dylan
the problem for this album is not solved.
-in roon, the composer attributed to the compositions is Alfonso Ferrabosco THE ELDER
-as indicated by the title of the album, it should be Alfonso Ferrabosco THE YOUNGER (or II).

the problem in your metadata (i removed tags and re-indentified the album).
and it’s not limited to this album, but as far i can see, all Alfonso Ferrabosco II (Younger) compositions have been attributed in Rovi to Alfonso Ferrabosco I (Elder):



problem is still there…
the 2 composers (younger and elder) are correctly reported in allmusic, but only the elder is attributed by roon…

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