Aliasing if switching between Retina and non-retina screens

Using Roon (1.2 - 154) on OS X, El Capitan 10.11.6

If Roon is opened on a Retina (or Hi-DPI) display and then moved to a non-Retina display (external monitor for example) the text becomes aliased on the non-Retina display.

Conversely if Roon is opened on a non Hi-DPI display and then moved to a retina display the text becomes fuzzy.

Minor bug but it does make Roon look ugly when switching windows between displays a lot.

Hi @Leon_Roy ---- Thank you for your feedback, it is greatly appreciated! We currently have a ticket open concerning this issue and it is being tracked by our developers. While we don’t have a definite date slated for this fix, it is in our queue and on our to do list. Thank you again for the report.


No problem at all, really loving Roon so anything I can do to make it better suits me fine :slight_smile:

Anyplace I can submit bug reports in future or just continue doing so here?

@Leon_Roy ---- Thanks for the follow and really pleased to hear you are enjoying Roon! The help and feedback are both greatly appreciated! The forum is definitely the way to go for reporting issues :slight_smile: Happy listening!


@eric Is this still an issue that’s been looked at? I ask as I’m experiencing exactly the same issue when swapping between a Macbook Pro and a (fairly old) 27" Apple monitor. When I open Roon on the external monitor it’s fine, but if I open it on the Macbook and move it to the external monitor the text and icons definitely look worse:

Opened on Macbook and moved to external monitor:

Opened on the external monitor: