Aliens abducted MY GERBIL!

Ok so this thread had nothing to do with Roon software. But then a lot don’t seem to in here.

This thread also uses caps in the title. And is click bait. Like a lot seem to be.

@moderators - is it possible to reorder the sections in forum so things like “Music” is above “Mock Outrage”. Sorry. I mean “Roon Software”?

Seems a fair request. We are spitting our dummy about how much more scrolling we have to do in 1.8 … so I’m spitting my dummy about how much more scrolling I’m doing here in order to actually arrive at anything worthwhile.

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Seriously. In the UK we have a prime minister who in an “interview” (I use quotes as the interviewer was subsequently hired as a policy advisor…) told a ridiculous story about painting wine crates in his spare time.

Why did he say it? Because if you searched for Boris and Bus you’d get pictures of a big red bus painted with an equally ridiculous claim. So put a story out with the keywords that people would search. He was gaming the system.

Same thing with reviews. Get a volume out there. Make them catchy.

What we have here is a similar thing. So serious question - can the first thing I see when visiting the forum be the music section? Or something less contentious?

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Not that I know of. The Community Forum uses Discourse software and I think other Discourse users have made the same request. SFAIK it hasn’t been implemented yet.

Perhaps you can persuade the aliens to exchange your gerbil for your Prime Minister ?


Yep, you can. Admin can choose to manually order categories or let them auto-order based on traffic volume.

There is no option to sort on quality of posts, as yet :grinning:

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Yes, that appears to be right.

Now all we need is a reason to persuade Admins to substitute fixed ordering for activity ordering. Isn’t activity ordering likely to suit more users ?

Trade my gerbil for a PM? Seems pretty good value to me.

I don’t even have a gerbil. And it STILL seems a good trade.

You need to follow this up with an ‘Aliens returned my gerbil’ thread to provide the full Sunday Sport experience.

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Aliens returned my gerbil. And it’s PREGNANT!


Aliens returned my gerbil and it’s ROON READY!


You could just browse to the section of the forum you want to see first and save it as a bookmark.

As support requires a separate, single topic per user/problem , activity based would (should) have most activuty, and become number 1 by default.

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I asked for the music section to be moved up years ago as it’s way to low in priority and too much scrolling and was mocked for it. To me its the most important part of this forum as it’s informative helps you find new music and is moan free. After all Roon is music software and would not exist without it. Other forums for brands of hifi put it pretty much on top as they understand it’s the reason for them existing.


The music section appears to have moved up now it’s below audio devices. Some ones been listening. Thank you.

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Nah Richard Gere abducted your gerbil.

What the hell is this topic? I’m not trying to be offensive but did aliens really abduct your Gerbil? Maybe he/she got of his/her cage and ran away and never came back! Or maybe it never happened! (Cause looking at the replies it’s honestly hard to believe you) again, I’m not trying to be offensive or anything! So if you take this as offensive, I’m sorry!

P.S: If you think I’m calling you delusional, dysfunctional, or anything along those lines, I’m not! It’s just hard as hell to believe that aliens abducted your Gerbil!

This was bad when it started – and now it’s getting worse.

Let’s put this to bed.