Aliens abducted MY GERBIL!

Ok so this thread had nothing to do with Roon software. But then a lot don’t seem to in here.

This thread also uses caps in the title. And is click bait. Like a lot seem to be.

@moderators - is it possible to reorder the sections in forum so things like “Music” is above “Mock Outrage”. Sorry. I mean “Roon Software”?

Seems a fair request. We are spitting our dummy about how much more scrolling we have to do in 1.8 … so I’m spitting my dummy about how much more scrolling I’m doing here in order to actually arrive at anything worthwhile.

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Seriously. In the UK we have a prime minister who in an “interview” (I use quotes as the interviewer was subsequently hired as a policy advisor…) told a ridiculous story about painting wine crates in his spare time.

Why did he say it? Because if you searched for Boris and Bus you’d get pictures of a big red bus painted with an equally ridiculous claim. So put a story out with the keywords that people would search. He was gaming the system.

Same thing with reviews. Get a volume out there. Make them catchy.

What we have here is a similar thing. So serious question - can the first thing I see when visiting the forum be the music section? Or something less contentious?

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Not that I know of. The Community Forum uses Discourse software and I think other Discourse users have made the same request. SFAIK it hasn’t been implemented yet.

Perhaps you can persuade the aliens to exchange your gerbil for your Prime Minister ?


Yep, you can. Admin can choose to manually order categories or let them auto-order based on traffic volume.

There is no option to sort on quality of posts, as yet :grinning:

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Yes, that appears to be right.

Now all we need is a reason to persuade Admins to substitute fixed ordering for activity ordering. Isn’t activity ordering likely to suit more users ?

Trade my gerbil for a PM? Seems pretty good value to me.

I don’t even have a gerbil. And it STILL seems a good trade.

You need to follow this up with an ‘Aliens returned my gerbil’ thread to provide the full Sunday Sport experience.

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Aliens returned my gerbil. And it’s PREGNANT!

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Aliens returned my gerbil and it’s ROON READY!