Alison Balsom confuses with Alison Moyet et al

If I search for “Alison Balsom” the Albums section returns results for Alison Balsom, Alison Moyet, Alison Kraiss and Alison Brown, all mixed up.Why?

Hello @Jez,

I have tried to reproduce your report on my end but have not been able to do so (see screenshots).
Can you please clarify where exactly you are seeing this behavior and post some screenshots? You can use these instructions to upload screenshots to Community.


Thanks @noris

Here’s the four iPad screens worth I get when I search for Alison Balsom and then select all albums

We’re going to show results that match any of the included words – there’s no good way for us to know whether you’re searching for an artist “Alison Balsom” versus a track “Balsom” by an artist whose first name is Alison, and so on.

We’ll also show results based on a few other connections (like if you search for a producer, you might get the most popular albums they’ve worked on, etc).

My expectation here is that if you’ve spelled her name right, she should be the top result and you can navigate to her page to explore all of her music, but when it comes to search results we don’t require all the words in the search match.

While I can see the argument for returning search results that include some of the words in the search, I cannot see the argument for returning those results before ones which include all the terms in the search. If you asked a human being which Alison Balsom albums they had, what would you expect them to tell you? What do you think “Alison Balsom albums” most likely means to most people?

I am a new user, and I am finding the search results really confusing and uninintuitive. I have a much worse example which I will raise as a separate issue.