All 3 Roon remotes stop connecting to Roon Core

Roon Core Machine

Mac mini, Intel Core I5, 32 GB RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

LHY Audio SW-8 network switcher, on Ethernet, and Window 10 VPN

Connected Audio Devices

Lumin U2 mini, Ifi Zen Stream, and Auralic Aries.

Number of Tracks in Library

64232 Tracks

Description of Issue

PC Window 10 and Android phone stop connecting to Core 2 days ago.
iPad mini stop connecting 1 day ago.
They were all working fine before.

Now, only able to play music on Mac mini and no remote control devices.

Disable Firewall and VPN. Reboot everything include switch and router.

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It still doesn’t work.
I forgot to state a message from my PC on Roon before it ceased to connect. It stated Mac mini core 2.0 and PC roon 1.8.


You need to have all Roon devices either running Roon version 2.0 or Roon version 1.8. Which do you want?

I don’t know what to answer because I am a computer tech. This message has never showed up before.
Also will this affect my Android and Ipad roon remote because both of them are not connecting to my Mac mini core? The Android remote froze at “loading album” and the Ipad at “loading album” then the roon page disappeared from the screen.

And I really don’t need to use the roon on my PC at all.

Well, it looks as though somehow your Roon Core on your Mac mini has got upgraded from version 1.8 to version 2.0. Since your other devices (your Android phone, the iPad and the PC) are still on version 1.8, the communication between them and the Core is broken.

My suggestion would be to manually upgrade these devices to Roon version 2.0 to re-establish communication with the Core again. Go to the Roon Labs download page and download and install the relevant Roon software for your devices.

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After downloading from Window, it initiated Roon. The Roon page showed up then disappear.
I clicked the Roon icon again. Roon page showed up and when it reached the “Loading Album”, it disappear.

Shut down the Mac mini and was able to install new Roon. Using PC as Roon core, I am able to use the Android phone and Ipad as the remote control.


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