All Album Art not show

I also bought buy yesterday roon software , sounds very good.
but it does not show all the album artwork
I add one by one, but do you have a wholesale solution?

Are you seeing something like this for those albums without artwork:

If the album is marked as “Unidentified”, it means Roon has not been able to match your album with any album information held in its online database.

This often happens with non-Western albums (I believe that you are based in Istanbul). You can try matching your album manually (click “Unidentified” and then click “Identifiy Album”).

For a wholesale solution, then you need to have Album artwork included as metadata in your tracks. Then when Roon imports album tracks, and can’t find a match with its online information, it should use the Album artwork from the track metadata.

Out of interest, how do you know he is based in Istanbul?

Same issue with me. Even some of western albums (B&W music society) have missing art work. They were seen in 1.1 picked from my ripped location.

And yes, I’m from India :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Kidding…

Thanks my friends

Because he first posted the question in a Computer Audiophile forum, and his profile there gives his location as Istanbul…

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