All albums not importing

I have the latest update. However, many albums are missing despite them being in the target folder. I redid the whole thing by deleting and redoing but same problem exists.

Hi and welcome back @knitman. Is this after a standard upgrade? What sort of setup are you running, e g. ROCK, or operating system?

Apologies for the questions but not easy to help with the info provided.

Hi-I use a 2019 MacBook Pro with my core on a Sabrent 4tb ext drive. It is netwroked thru an OPPO 205 and an MRENDU and played thru the latest Yamaha AV with front speakers powered and played thru audiolab amp.

Anyway, If I leave it on Focus I see all my albums, some the same but different editions. If I put it to ‘library’ I only see 1 copy of some albums and none of many. Doesn’t make sense to me.

Hi @Knitman,
It sounds like you have

Show hidden tracks and albums

disabled in Roon’s Settings…

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Thank you Carl but that isn’t it.

Clearly it knows they are there as it shows them as long as I do not click on my library or discography.

Screenshots of what you are seeing would help a lot

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This is what I see on ‘overview’ my Library.

An this is what I see in My Library:

I might add I am trying to delete much of what I don’t need. I will be converting what isn’t already into Flac. Only one copy. I use an external drive and copy all onto a separate back up.

Thanks. So when you go to, say, Song to a Seagull in your second screenshot, and then to the VERSIONS tab, you don’t see all 4 listed?

Thank you kindly. Excuse my old fart brain. The answer to your question is embarrassingly yes.

Glad that it helped!

It’s a bit confusing because if you go to the overview like in your first screenshot, it can show (but doesn’t always, I think, for reasons that I don’t understand) all of the versions separately. Think of it like going to the store where everything is on display.

Then if you show your library, it’s neatly sorted with versions under one cover.

However, there is a switch as was explained here:

If you set “Show hidden versions” to Yes, it should always display all versions separately, similar to your first screenshot, instead of putting them under the VERSIONS tab. Some people prefer the one and others prefer the other.

I’m a bit confused now because when Carl asked, you answered that no, that’s not the issue :slight_smile:

No, it is set to YES. Never mind, I can at least see them now. I need to clean it up anyway as I don’t need the versions. My sound system is so good now I really don’t need more the cd q or 192 flac.

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