All audio outputs gone from Mac Mini - [Resolved]

Hey @support, suddenly I’m not able to play music on my 2012 Mac Mini (macOS 10.12.3, 2,3 GHz i7, 16GB, SSD, wired gigabit, another device is core, all devices running Roon 1.3 build 209) anymore. All local zones are gone. They work fine from other applications. Activity Monitor shows RAATServer is running.

To troubleshoot I tried removing the Roon folder from ~/Library/ and start with a clean slate, but the problem persists.

Not certain we’re dealing with the same issue, but the fix for me has been to restart the machine running the core. Simply re-starting the Roon application leaves me without any accessible local zones. This problem has been very sporadic for me, and right now I can’t recall the last time it has happened.

Good luck, let us know if a re-boot fixes the issue. Cheers!

No, rebooting was indeed one of the first things I’ve tried. Unfortunately no effect.

The local zones on your client need to be read by the Server before they are activated/displayed. If those zones are gone, one if the first things I’d look for is a change to the firewall settings or router settings, (anything which could block the Server). Try turning off your firewall completely and see if the local zones return.

Thanks, Daniel! Now that I understand the server is involved in initializing the local zones, I figured it would be wise to try restarting Roon Core. Did the trick!


Yes, everything registers with the server, the local client is just a control mechanism. Glad it is sorted.

Oops - apologies, I missed that your core was on another device! Glad to see that you have things up and running once again.

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