All BBC high quality streams marked "unavailable"

I live in the UK. Every BBC station with a high quality stream has the message “This stream is unavailable in your country”.

I am not alone then, I have the same issue on QNAP and windows 10 core.

I am also using a QNAP TS451+ for the core and Win 10 for control.

Hello @Chris_Flynn. Unfortunately, you have encountered a bug which affects a very small number of people (@Chrislayeruk and me included)

The Roon devs are aware but there is no solution at present.

However, I can remove the geo restriction for those streams which you particularly want to listen to.

Can you tell me which ones you want?

(@dylan - another one)

PS I’m not using a QNAP

Thank you Brian.
I would particularly like to listen to BBC radio 2 and BBC radio norfolk.

BBC Radio 2, 4, 4Extra and 6 music would be great if it’s not too much trouble

Ok. BBC stations 2, 4, 4 extra and Norfolk should all play*

Radios 3 and 6 music had already been dealt with.

Added Radio 1 while I was at it.

(There are dozens of local BBC stations, so rather than do them all, and then redo when the bug is fixed, I’ll do the local ones as required)

*For the information of any non-UK readers, these stations will still refuse to play in other regions - I have simply removed a flag in Roon which prevents those users even trying.

@Chrislayeruk. Chris, I think you’ve got troubles over and above this.

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The bug has been fixed (thank you @dylan) and the geo-restrictions will be put back in place.

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