All Chromecast devices stopped showing up

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Rock latest

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All Chromecast devices

Description Of Issue

@support all my Chromecat devices are no longer appearing in Roon as if today. I heard Google where having issues with their authentication servers could this be the issue. They all worked up until today and my core was rebooted. Now they refuse to show up. Nothing else has changed in my setup or network in this time.

Google Home and Plex all see them so this is a Roon issue only.

Same issue for me using a Nucleus and various devices, all Chromecast devices have disappeared today. Same devices using Airplay are still visible.

Rebooting the Roon Server software has restored them.

Hi @CrystalGipsy,

Are you still seeing this behavior at the present time?
Any change in behavior if you reboot your ROCK + Networking Gear?

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They decided to show up after I rolled back my backup, as I remembered I had deleted the Raat server settings folder to see if it sorted out the issue with disappearing zone on the Mac that many others are experiencing it’s a usb DAC that just drops off as a zone by shows in audio devices. But that’s another ticket Sorry should have posted back to update. I had rebooted my core several times and no change at time of initial posting. I do think Roon has issues with mDNS though as they all could be seen in every other app. Some times Roon will take minutes before they show up.

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