All files on attached USB are +1hour off - syncing gets fooled this way - using Rock

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Win10 1903 on Nuc Intel NUC Kit NUC8i5BEH
Rock OS: Version 1.0 (build 183) stable / Server Version 1.7 (build 511) stable

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Description Of Issue


I have my music on external USB-drive.
I am syncing these files from there to my local PC.
I have recognized timestamp for attribute “changed” of all files on attached USB is +1 hour off, so syncing wants to sync everything to local PC although there is no need. (SyncSW Freefilesync is checking filesize and timestamp)

See below screenshot.

Attaching the USB-drive to my PC timestamps of files are correct again.
Setting correct time in the BIOS of Nuc is always getting reset again to minus 1 hour than my local time.

What is going on there?


ROCK uses / forces UTC:

Okay, this explains what Rock is doing.
But isnt that nuts? - All my machines in my network use the correct time, Rock doesnt.
Synchronisied time in a network is crucial for many reasons.

Rock simply should use the correct time and not anything else.
What might be the arguments against?

And for exactly that reason the UTC time zone was invented.

This sounds like you used your Windows PC for the initial copy. Do things change if you leave the drive connected to your core and use a network connection to copy the files over (SMB share, SCP) and let the Core write the files himself?

As Roon does not modify your files anyway, can you disable the time check in your sync software?

Yes, copy to USB-device was done upfront at the PC from a local copy when I decided to stay with Roon and was waiting for my NUC for Rock.

When fiddling around I see now copying files via network/mapped drive to USB on Rock preservs timestamp.
So “only” files are affected I was copying upfront locally from PC to USB-device - what gives me now a greater mix of timestamps - new files copied over the network with correct timestamp, most of them 1 hour off.

I was planning on using the files sitting on the USB-device connected to Rock as primary source for all other copies - i.e to NAS for external access.
But as you mentioned any edit of tags etc. does not change the file but goes into the Roon-DB - I get why - so syncing from Rock to PC etc. would not make sense anyway as tag-edits etc. will not reflect in the files.
No big thing, just need to be aware and choose the local files on the PC as primary source for all other copies.

Diasble timecheck:
Would not be a good idea as when I just edit a tag of a file Freefilsync would not see the need to copy altered file as size remains the same.

For completeness, yes, I can set FreefileSync to ignore 1 hour difference in timestamp as I figured out now, but with the mix of correct/incorrect timestamps 1 hour off I will just recopy all files via network and then be fine.

So, thanks to your hint no files are altered anyway I now know how to do things.
Appreciated :slight_smile:

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