All kinds of problems with 1.8 904 on Mac Monterey 12.1

This evening the planets aligned; I was finally ready to do some listening after months of no listening at all. And I ended up spending my evening troubleshooting 904-update error on my Mac server. Sigh

Can´t play to local endpoints, local endpoints disappearing, Roon is extreme slow to react.
This is my worst Roon experience yet. 30 minutes left of Moneterey update 12.2.1.
Hope that solves it. And hope my CD collection is still intact in my mothers attic.

Enjoy the :musical_note: troubleshooting :musical_note:.

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Same problems here on 904 running 10.13.6. Very frustrating.

On 10.15.7 (iMac 2013 late Roon core) works ok, but not all good i.e newest streams form Tidal no go. Zones, groups, Sonos, ATV, BluOS, Cast and so on play without errors. One thing is very frustrating - after long period when you want play something form streams/local Core lost way and you have to restart Roon. 10k times or more (after 1.7 up, always). Sad.

Hey, @on247

Thanks for your report. We discussed your case and came to the conclusion that we’d like to get more info that might help our investigation. Could you, please, answer on the following questions:

  1. Could you, please, specify what’s happening to your local audio devices?
  • Does it affect all local audio devices: System Output, USB DAC?
  • Are there any specific steps to make devices disappear?
  • Do they reappear after disappearing or do you have to reboot Roon in order to get it fixed? If this happens again, please send us the logs with a timestamp when it happened, you can see how to find your Roon logs here:
  1. Could you, please, provide more details about your setup:
  • What’s the model of the macOS device you are using? Am I getting it right that your Roon Core is RoonServer running on macOS?
  • How many tracks do you have in your library?
  • How is your core connected to the Internet (wifi, LAN)?

1: yes, no, no, Roon not available for me now so no logs are either

2: Mac mini intel 2014-ish, yes, LAN

My problem happened when I updated my Roon and not my MacOS

All problems gone when also updating my MacOS to the newest version of Monterey.

I have >50.000 tracks

So all is fine, but i’m not updating future versions of Roon that soon anymore.
If it ain’t broke …

Kind regards
Happy again Roon user
(Remote access would be great)

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