All methods to connect Roon to system?


As the title says, I am hoping to understand all of the ways you can connect Roon into your system. Right now, I have the core on a desktop PC, and through ethernet, connect the core to a Node 2.

However, I am moving soon and may not have ethernet capability. Can Roon be connected to a DAC through USB or other ways? Or is it ethernet only?

Thanks a bunch.

Hopefully this will answer all of your questions.

And yes Roon can connect to a vast brand of USB dacs via a Roon Bridge or the Core it self :slight_smile:
If playing through the core you will need local access to your internet connection for tidal, licensing, and account management. If playing through an endpoint or bridge you will need a Wireless or Ethernet connection that can talk back to the core.

BUT…wifi connection can be saturated or have issues with high bitrate streaming and other interference, so try to have a good wifi setup if you can. Mesh setups have caused some issues. Wired connections should cause no issues 99.99% of the time.

USB runs are going to be an issue over more than a meter or 2 due do jitter but if its going to run that far on USB you are probabaly best to use an endpoint like a Raspberry PI or LAN connected device as you will be running a cable anyway.

As always it might depend on the DAC you are using what its connectivity options are.

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