All my Qobuz albums are missing from my library [Fix in progress]

Of course, it’s unnerving when one can’t access their music as usual, but in most cases there are alternate ways to still get some music playing, if the silence is too oppressing…

A sincere question to all dissatisfied users:
How much do you pay for mobile and internet access in comparison?
Are those services more vital to you?
Do these companies personally inform you about service outages, their action plan and estimated time of correction?
Did you ever threaten them to cancel your service plan due to outages and did they whip out their red carpet for you to make you stay?

I can answer NO for my provider, Telefonica Germany, wo delivers my mobile, land line and internet services.
In all fairness, glitches may be less frequent, and at least for their mobile service there’s live info via app, updated about every half hour.
On severe outages, there’s the option to get individual status updates after jumping through quite some hoops…

For landline and internet, I have to search the net for third party info.

All that said, I really struggle to understand the uproar about how Roon isn’t professional with communicating glitches and their remedy - ramp down your temper, everyone please!

For almost all SaaS services, there’s either a status page, updates on social media or an easy way to find out if there’s an outage - for the examples you’ve given, I can put my postcode into my network/internet providers homepage and I’ll find out straight away of any known issues so I’m not wasting time contacting their support.

I’ve worked for most of my career in IT Application Support (specifically SaaS) and even for minor outages we’d post out an update and let people know - “We’re aware of an issue with a small number of users missing saved Qobuz albums from their Roon libraries. We are working closely with Qobuz to resolve this problem as a matter of urgency, please check on for further updates. We apologise for any inconvenience” or similar.

Why no notification on their Twitter? Why no sticky post here? For a known issue the onus shouldn’t be on users to search for existing threads. I love Roon and think it’s a great service, but I’ve never understood the defensiveness of posters here for some of their frankly sub-par support.


Roon is not a SaaS service.

I was just using that as an example of how it’s common practice for status notifications and details to be communicated clearly, rather than hunting around on user forums.

Although Roon isn’t SaaS, there’s still clearly communication with external service partners like Qobuz. If that breaks (even for a relatively small number of users) and they’re aware of the issue there’s not really an excuse for not communicating that better than they have. It’s not a huge deal and I’m not sitting here seething or anything (although I did waste an hour last night tracking down a load of albums before I realized there was an issue) - I just feel that some form of notification is pretty basic customer service for a reasonably major application developer, and the lack of it shouldn’t be defended by paying customers.

Roon strongly believes that, i just take any occasion to state the contrary. :slight_smile:

Well, if you stay around long enough you’ll get that they have some kind of attitude, generally speaking. I’ve seen worst, I’ve seen better too. In the end it’s just an entertainment application/service, being done with attitude can also be entertaining (until becomes a joke which will obviously be on us, but we are not yet there)! I believe the end of the world won’t happen because of the streaming so…

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I don’t know if this is related or not… My Qobuz albums that I’ve purchased and downloaded still show up, but yesterday Roon said I had 788 albums and the day before it said I had 806 albums. I’ve stopped and restarted the server several times.

I have one set of music in three locations (three copies): a MacBook Pro, a network server (Synology NAS) for access by Roon, and on my Astell & Kern DAP. I listen to the MacBook Pro music via Audirvana Studio. Here’s what each reports:

A&K 11,251
Audirvana Studio 11,256
Roon 10,675

A&K 846
Audirvana Studio 878
788 (was 806)

I can understand that perhaps Roon will adjust the album count for multi-disc albums, but that wouldn’t account for the track discrepancy. Any thoughts as to what’s going on?

If not software as a service what acronym would you use?

You can use whatever acronim you want.

SaaS defines a very specific way of doing things, single point hosted application delivered to multiple clients, which roon is not (each client has his own hosted application and core). When (if) roon will work as a single hosted core and application which will serve all the clients over the internet, the will be a SaaS.

I’m sincerely interested in what we/those that coin these acronyms should call the Roon model?

It’s not a traditional thick client that access local only files and it’s not a cloud-only hosted solution.


R.O.O.N :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

It’s definitely a ‘thick client’. It has a backend but that doesn’t make it SaaS. It installs locally, requires a performant machine and significant local configuration.

Look to see if any of the missing albums appear if you focus on hidden.

How do I focus on hidden? When I look at skipped files there were only two, which is what I’ve always had after I cleaned up initial problems.

Go to Roon/my library/albums - click focus - storage location tidal - inspector hidden

Thanks! That sure was very obscure. I never would have found that on my own. I removed one duplicate album found through that feature (an MP3 version of which I also had a FLAC version) and there are still 16 albums that Roon is confused about but they’re not worth figuring out how to fix. Thanks again!

I am beyond frustrated. This issue has been going for several days and only the vaguest of communications - “We are looking in to this”. That is unacceptable. This is a subscription service and we are not getting support or resolution. I have no other application that has had so many technical glitches. When my subscription ends, I am done.


Sure, but so does Microsoft 365 unless you’re happy with the web-only client.

Office 365’s web-application is the perfect example of a real SaaS application with the corect implementation.

They are offering the desktop client because of the product’s legacy and obviously because by the time they moved to the SaaS approach, all of their Office users were already using it as a desktop application (which it was in the beginning).

They are still supporting the standalone product too (Office 2019 and soon to release Office2021).

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This and many other recent posts are the precise reason a forum is no place for sorting out technical issues. Talk about straying off topic!!! Roon needs to fix the Qobuz problem and stop with the useless apologies.

All that said, I really struggle to understand the uproar about how Roon isn’t professional with communicating glitches and their remedy - ramp down your temper, everyone please!

This is just another “I’m happy so the rest of you shut up” post that seem so prevalent here. People have a right to voice their displeasure at a company that is failing in its basic duties. We certainly don’t need to be schooled by you or others that seem satisfied with this situation.


Right, so what does one call the MS365 model with local thick client?