All my Qobuz Favourites have been added anew today [...]

one more time!!

all my Qobuz favourites are now “Added on March 6, 2019” (no duplicates though, I believe: just all of them added anew)

since it’s the second time in a couple of weeks this happens (not counting v1.5 first launch) and as “By Date Added” is was my preferred sorting order (now totally useless)…

… once. more, and seriously indeed: PLEASE let users pick what they want automagically added to their libraries (… if anything at all)

thanks for listening :wink:

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Hey @pl_svn – right now, import dates for streaming content in Roon should be the date you marked the content as a favorite. This could be when you added it in Roon, or when you set it as a favorite in the Qobuz app.

Right now, we’re getting some bad dates from the Qobuz API, which is why you’re seeing the wrong import dates in Roon.

They’re aware of the issue, and are looking into it – once Roon is getting the right dates, this should resolve itself.

Also, to be clear – since this was posted in the #support category, I’m only addressing why things aren’t working as designed. If you’re looking for us to change how Roon syncs with streaming services, the best place for that kind of feedback is #roon:feature-requests.

Sorry for the trouble here!

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hi @mike

the above is quite confusing as Roon, not me, is adding my favourites to library
Only in “My Qobuz” section my favourites are correctly sorted by date added as favourite in Qobuz app (or website) whilst in my library they all are in a totally random order :roll_eyes:

this also brings up another “issue” (weirdness is more appropriate, actually): favourites that Roon adds to my library do show there but… they actually are not in there :neutral_face:

to actually have them in my library I must find them in My Qobuz and click “Add to Library”
then… “Date Added” will change once more to the day I, not Roon add them

all this is really, really, really confusing (… and weird)

thanks for rethinking this whole mechanism too :wink:

I, and several others, have reported the problem with Qobuz Favorites not automagically being added to library.

so, as I have already asked many times… please let users choose what they want added and everyone will be happy :wink:

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