All my WTF in Roon

Hi everyone, I don’t know if there is a specific category for this list, anyhow, here are all the wtf that annoy me so far:

The forehead… 40 to 50 % of the time the overview panoramic cut is populated of famous foreheads, obviously the pic is top aligned, but doesn’t work well with panoramic formats (maybe a center alignment could help). 70% of portraits pics are in low resolution, so imagine when this is stretched to fit the pano.

C’mon… last pixel!

If an artist doesn’t have any classics tags in the genre why he is displayed under classic artists? (checked every single track)
Too many like that… here come the tears.

Same for composers (Isaac, is that you?)

90% of the time (in classics) the composer it’s not the performer, so to prevent the performer tab from appearing on composer’s page I have to uncheck the composer link as primary artist in the album. Doing so resolve the performer tab problem, but than you have to check all the track credits otherwise it will automatically add the credits stored by tracks (and you get… all tracks performed by [primary artist removed])

Imagine if you have only some tracks of a 6 disks mega compilation. If for some dark reason your meta on those tracks are not numbered and the automatic detection doesn’t work, you have to manually move the track to the correspondent one, clicking on the arrow, step by step, one by one. (hey track 5-11, how was the trip?) …can I have that fancy drag & drop?

How is possible that some albums are recognized by MusicBrainz but not by roon? (miss you discogs!)

Won’t talk about the new UI.

Anyway I love roon for all the intrinsic power and the potentials, the overall pleasures and the premium feeling. I just can’t… that… yea that… wtf!


Top marks for the interesting title :slight_smile:

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If you browse around the forum your thoughts have been the thoughts of others as well.

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