All of my albums are duplicated in Roon

I recently moved my music files to a new location. I followed the instructions provided here.

Everything works fine except Roon now shows two copies of every one of my albums. Here’s a screen shot that shows a bit of it.

If I edit an album and go into Fix Track Grouping, one of the copies will be fine. Like this.

If I edit the duplicate copy I’ll see something like this.

Basically everything’s the same except the ? after the disc. When I first made the switch and re-scanned, everything was fine but then at some point over the next few days it changed to what I’m seeing now. How the heck do I fix this?

Hello @Stephen_Graham,

Thanks for contacting support, I’d be happy to take a look over this issue with you. Do you by any chance have multiple watched folders in your Roon Settings -> Storage?

Can you please provide a screenshot of your Settings -> Storage Tab and Settings -> Library Maintenance -> Clean Up Library Tab?

They should both look something like this:

Have you by any chance rebooted your Core machine and verified if the same behavior occurs after doing so? Please let me know when possible.


Hi Noris,

The location showing as disabled is my old location. Only one location is active.

I re-scanned but I haven’t rebooted Roon or the core machine. I’ll try that and report back.

Hello @Stephen_Graham,

Thank you for for the screenshots.

It seems that you have your Music folder added twice, you are referencing it once locally and referencing it again through your Network according to your Storage Tab. I would disable the second reference (the one through your network) and I have highlighted the 3-dot drop-down menu how to do so here:

After disabling the second reference location please reboot your Roon Core and let me know if you are still seeing duplicates afterwards.


Hi @noris

OK, that’s weird. If a USB hard drive is attached directly to the Roon core machine is the music on the drive automatically added as a location? Because otherwise I don’t know how this happened.

Anyway, I deleted the second location and the duplicates are gone.

But there’s still a problem. I’ve attached a screen shot of the Edit screen for an album under the Fix Track Grouping option.

Why is the disc number showing as a ?. I’ve checked a number of other albums and they’re all the same. That shouldn’t appear like that.

Hi @noris,

One other question for you. How do I know what the path of this music location is?

Hello @Stephen_Graham,

Glad to hear that the duplicates have gone away since disabling the duplicate watched folder. Yes, on many Roon Core devices the internal storage is automatically added to your Storage locations, so the whole drive will be added, and path isn’t really going to matter here – any content you add to the internal drive will be imported into Roon, and you should never have to worry about the path.

Also, generally speaking we would strongly recommend against accessing storage connected directly to your Core over the network (using an IP address), as this can cause all sorts of performance issues unnecessarily.

As for the Edit Track Grouping, those question marks you have highlighted are simply showing you what’s present in the file tags. If you add a single disc album, Roon will know what to do. Unless you’re trying to import an album with multiple discs it shouldn’t matter that these files don’t identify themselves with a disc number.

This is expected behavior here, as the Edit Track Grouping function is designed to help you group your files into albums and discs so that Roon can properly match them up with our extended metadata. The file tags are shown here as a “hint” so you can group albums and discs properly, but in most cases Roon should retrieve metadata automatically, so I wouldn’t worry too much about the tags here – just get things in the right order and let Roon identify your album.

I hope this helps.



OK. Thank you for your help.

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