All of my Qobuz albums no longer in the library

Ok, I wake up this morning and “Discover” that none of my Qobuz albums are synced into my library as they have been the past few days. They are there under my Qobuz favorites. I selected All and Add to Library, and they seem to be repopulating the library now. Why were they pulled from the library overnight? This is super annoying if this becomes a habit of my Roon server.

Hi @Charles_Peterson,

I’ve enabled diagnostics on your account so our team can take a closer look at what happened here. The next time your Core is active a diagnostics report will be uploaded to us.

Just to verify, you were still logged in to Qobuz, but your Roon library contained 0 Qobuz albums? Or had you been completely signed out of Qobuz?

@Dylan -

As you probably understand, this is the same problem that I and others have recently reported.

Thanks. Yes, still signed in to Qobuz, never signed out since starting the service on Monday. And yes, zero Qobuz albums in the library, though they were all there listed under the My Qobuz favorites page. Pushing the resync button did nothing, so had to re-add all to library.

And when re-added, the “sort by date added” became by artist name by default, even for ones added after that the Soundiiz Tidal to Qobuz transfer. And if I look under the My Qobuz favorites, they all still say “Add to Library” even though they appear to be in now.

Hi @Charles_Peterson,

Thanks for the info! Based on your report and what we’ve seen in the diagnostics report it appears that you’re experiencing a syncing issue that we are currently investigating with Qobuz. We will be sure to keep you updated here when we have new information.

Thanks Dylan. Sounds like I’m not alone on this. Best, CP

Ok, now I’m getting nothing. The albums are still in the library, but Qobuzz ones not playing at all (local cd rips play fine), and I just get a Roon symbol on any of their pages (though playlist avatars showing up but nothing under them), and no favorite albums listed under the favorites page. Perhaps I ditched my Tidal sub too quickly…

Overview and Discovery pages not loading either.

Got everything working after lots of reloading of backups (turns out the LPS I was powering my NUC with decided to go at that moment to),

I think its’s a bug for batch adds - the switch from Add to Library to Focus on Similar isn’t happening. If I add one album trom the Qobuz app or screen in Roon, the button switches like normal.If I now go hit the buttons of the ones I added it switches almost instantaneously.