All Qobuz albums have disappeared from Library

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

MacMini - nothing special

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Wired ethernet. Nothing special.

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Description Of Issue

Very surprised nobody has raised that issue yet.

I have a small Roon setup at the office.

My albums from Qobuz disappeared this AM.
Tidal albums ans local strorage albums are visible as usual.

Just got home:

SAME ISSUE. Missing 3,000 Qobuz albums.

Please help.

I’m guessing a problem with your Qobuz account. Can you get to your music using the Qobuz app to verify the account is still active and OK?

All is good there. I checked.

Hi @Jacques_Racine,

Are you still linked to Qobuz in Settings > Services?

Are these albums appearing as favorites still in the Qobuz app?

I’m in the USA. Qobuz good here with no problems.

Yes to both questions.
I am a “power user”. aka “I usually know what I am doing” LOL

I am totally stumped.
Of course I logged out and back in. No success.
I feel I came back hope to find my shelves empty.

Have you rebooted everything?

I tried everything yesterday.
This am, just started Roon. No Qobuz.
Then I added one Qobuz album, and all of a sudden all my albums started reappearing.
Will see what happens at home later today.


Hi @Jacques_Racine,

Happy to hear that there’s been an improvement here! If you notice the issue re-occur, can you please let us know?

The albums are back. But I am pretty dismayed at the moment. All the changes I made to the album names in the past have been reverted back.

I really hope we can find a solution for that, because I still have to rebuild my main library on my main system. Anybody has a suggestion?

Hi @Jacques_Racine,

Can you please provide a few examples of affected albums?
Do you by any chance have any Backup of your old database?

OK - In fact I was wrong with this.
The names I changed are still there.
So I think this is behind me.
But I am really perplex. Why did that happen?

Also, I do have a backupp of the library.
A huge number of folders from many past months.
I fond the folder of the last backup but I don’t know how to make sense of the files. How do you open them?

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I don’t think you need to or want to get into the backup folders. If ever needed, you simple click on restore and let Roon do it’s thing.

Hi @Jacques_Racine,

Happy to hear that the missing albums are back and that the edits are intact.

You can point Roon to the backup folder under Roon Settings -> Backups, but if everything is appearing correctly you do not need to restore.

I just wanted to inquire if you had backups at all, as they Roon database + backups contain any edits you’ve made to the database.

In any case, it sounds like the issue is resolved, but if we can assist further, please just let us know!

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