All Qobuz Favourites disappeared from Roon

Working fine earlier this morning but now ALL my Qobuz favourited albums have disappeared from my Roon library - occurred around an hour ago at a guess. They’re all still there in Qobuz itself (don’t know the exact figure but probably over 1000 album), and I had been an album on Qobuz through Roon on pause when it happened (popped up on screen in Roon saying “This album has been deleted”)

I have resynced my connection to Qobuz, and logged out/logged back in to Qobuz through Roon with no change.

Anyone else having this problem? I’ve been having minor issues for a while where albums favourited in Qobuz will randomly disappear but it’s been manageable. I use tags extensively, with the majority of my Roon library coming from Qobuz so it’s quite inconvenient.

Edit: After a full Rock reboot and logging out of Roon entirely, 51 of my saved Qobuz albums have reappeared but there doesn’t seem to be any more coming in. Most of my custom tags are empty now whereas previously they may have 100+ albums.

This is an issue, expereinced by quite some users in the last year. Please report to @support for them to verify.
It will, with help from support, be solved automatically but you will need to have some patience.
Don’t start restoring your database and other stuff, unless support would ask you to.

Hang in there.


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This happened to another Roon user on Naims forum over the weekend. Looks like they have not got to the bottom of this issue yet at all.

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This was very common occurrence but not much of late, thought they had it fixed.

Apparently not as this is now about the third report this weekend.

I think it was initially traced to a fault with Qobuz not Roon.

As others have said, just hang tight and they should reappear… eventually.

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Thanks all, will reach out to support but relieved that there have been other reports recently - am using the standard Qobuz PC app for now.

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Same thing happened to me a few weeks ago. Support have a form, fill it out, your stuff will come back. Mine took a day or three.


Just lost most of my favorite Qobuz albums this morning

Does your Qobuz app (not Roon) show the same loss?

No Qobuz did not lose anythiing

Just sit tight, they will be back.
This was pretty common a few months back and then we thought it was fixed.
However there have also been sporadic reports on this forum of occasional mishaps like this over last few days but so far it seems to be short lived and the albums have returned.

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Yup, this is a recurring bug that has not been fixed yet.
Few months ago, I’ve experience loss of Qobuz Favorites and it suddenly back few days later.
Just having the same experience few days ago, and it is just comeback yesterday.
But this time another annoying issue arise, most tracks from Qobuz on my Roon Playlist does not come back, i.e: 166 tracks from a Playlist, only left 55 tracks
Finally I have to restore my roon backup to have it all back

I have now lost almost every artist and album…what is going on

Please open your question/issue in the Support section of the forum.
There it will be picked by bu the support team.


I have had this issue almost every month for six months. At some point you look at Roon and your library has thousands of albums less than it did the day before. And then after a few days they reappear. This is a bad architecture that allows this to keep happening. I can see all albums in Roon if I go to the Qobuz section, but they have all disappeared from my Roon Library. I have allot of manual tags, so am careful not to try anything that might lose the meta data. For a software company with pretty good software, someone good really needs to be assigned to rewrite the way this works.

Please see @dylan reply at the end of this thread…

Qobuz albums disappearing from Roon library [Qobuz issue, see staff post] - Support - Roon Labs Community