All Qobuz material is gone from my library

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All Qobuz titles have disappeared from my library. The can still be played via ‘My Qobuz’ in Roon.

My library is now only my local files.

I have rebooted ROCK. No effect. Ta.

This has been happening for a while now. Just run a search on here and you’ll find plenty posts.

You don’t have to do anything and they’ll come back on their own.

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… when Qobuz fixes their servers?

This is happening all too frequently.

I have same behaviour, again, glad to know that it isn’t just me… as reported earlier this week:

This is now ‘all Qobuz albums gone’ following a restart to my ROCK server.

@dylan, please could someone in the team look into this with Qobuz?

Please could the team also add “Qobuz” as a Support subtopic? Nearly all of my issues to date have been with Roon <> Qobuz integration.

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Test assured this is being looked at actively by Roon and Qobuz as nobody want this to keep occurring.

Hopefully they will come back on their own.

It would be reassuring to have Roon Support confirm this, because the team badged the last occurrence of this as “Qobuz resolved”. That followed a Qobuz server fix back in June, when the album sync stopped working for a large volume of users.

Who at Roon is actively investigating this now?

Are there other active threads on this issue, besides mine and @Dafydd_Waters ?

This remains an issue for me, after checking a Roon restore which ran for over 24 hours - just to check… Gradual ‘unsync’ of Qobuz albums still occurring.

Plenty posts on this issue :wink:

Hey @Dafydd_Waters,

We’re very sorry you were affected by this issue - Qobuz has announced they are working on resolving this for everyone, but, in the meantime (if the issue hasn’t improved), letting them know of your specific case would be the fastest way to get this resolved.

Thank you @rebeka but I don’t understand. The Qobuz items only disappear in ROON. If I look on the Qobuz app everything is still there. What would I be feeding back to Qobuz? Thanks again.

You will see them in your Qobuz app yes, just not in the Roon side right now.
It’s a problem of sync between Roon and Qobuz but absolutely Qobuz fault atm.
It will be resolved.

Hey @Dafydd_Waters

My apologies as well for the bother you’ve had with your linked Qobuz account. You can use the link in Dylan’s staff post below to reach out to Qobuz directly. They’ve been in close coordination with their customers who’ve had this problem. We hope it’s resolved soon.

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It’s Roon problem, your problem, you Roon Team, not Qobuz! It’s Roon who is selling the fact that integration of Qobuz albums into Roon Library music content is possible. That’s precisely why we buy ROON, that’s the functionality we use and the service we want from it . So please, give the due support to your consumers and don’t send them away to Qobuz. Qobuz delivers what it sells, streaming.