All recordings differing by resolutions not reported by Roon 1.8 b778 countrary to Roon 1.7

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Win10 Roon b778

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Sonore Optical Rendu - Simaudio Moon 780D

Description Of Issue

In the Compositions page, search does not report all the recordings for a given composition when those recordings differ by the the recording resolution.

As an example, I will use composition “Symphony No. 9 in D minor, WAB 109” by Anton Bruckner.
I am lookng at following recordings by 2 different conductors:
1- Marek Janowski, on label Pentatone , In Flac 176 and DSD64 resolutions.
2- Manfred Honek, on label Pentatone. in Flac 176 and DSD 64/128/256/512
This makes a total of 7 recordings.

I kept a Roon 1.7 version alive, to be able to compare with Roon 1.8.

On Roon 1.7. if I go to the Compositions page, select Bruckner as the composer,

and search for Symphony No.9, here is what I see on the recordings page. We can see the two versions by Janowski, and the 5 versions by Honeck.

In Roon 1.8, following the same search path,

I get:

I get only 2 albums: one for Honeck, and one for Janowski. Take note that I did not focus on any criteria before performing the search.

It is clear that Roon 1.8 b778 reports only 1 version for each conductor, where it should report 2 for Janowski, and 5 for Honeck.

This is highly problematic , as Roon does not allow me to see al the recordings versions available for a given composition.

I really think this should be fixed, and Roon should restore the previous v1.7 behavior.


I am not so sure about that. In fact, your five different versions of the Honeck recording correspond to one and the same recording. You show us here two different recordings of Bruckner 9. Of Janowski’s recording you have two different digital versions, and of Honeck’s recording you have five different digital versions, covering different formats (PCM vs DSD) and resolution.

If you click on Honeck’s album icon, on the album page you should see a Versions tab, and its there where your five versions should show up and you should be able to select any one of your five versions from there.

Let’s see what others and Roon support think about this, but that’s my take.

I find the visualization in version 1.8 more pleasant. Of course, it depends on the type (my type) of use case. I like this kind of compressed representation.

Neither the 5 different releases of the Honeck recording nor the 2 of the Janowski recording are grouped under the version tab. For ex., here is what I have for the Honeck release:

The only way I found to know about all the releases I have for a given recording is to go to the Albums page (in the case of Honeck) :

This is a cumbersome workaround. Roon 1.8 seems to assume that we cannot have different releases differing by bit depth of the same recording. There is no way to focus on bit depth when looking at composition releases. Even if all the Honeck/Janowski releases were available under Versions tab, this would require an additional step to select the wanted version. IMHO, the Roon 1.7 behavior is much more helpfull, in that it simplfies things a lot.


That’s bad, as it’s there where different digital versions of the same recording should show up.

I agree with you.

Well, but we shouldn’t conflate the concept ‘Recording’ with the concept ‘Digital version’. In the Recordings view I wish to see different available recordings of a given composition. If I select one of the available recordings, then I wish to see different digital versions on my local disk, or Tidal/Qobuz versions. But again, that’s my take.