All Sonos Disappeared after upgrade to Roon 2

Roon Core Machine

Mac Mini late 2012 running Catalina 2.3 GHZ i78GB RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

DLINK DSR-250 with 2 Access Points from Tp link and another TP Link Router used as an access point - NO VPN -

Connected Audio Devices

I have a PI4 with Roopie for my Peachtree main set-up and a Sonos Play 1 stereo pair, Sonos One Stereo Pair, a Sonos One and a Sonos 5

Number of Tracks in Library

18000 album in library but mostly using Tidal

Description of Issue

Today I upgraded to Roon 2,0, I also created a Firewall rule so that Roon Arc can work (and it does).

I lost all of my Sonos speakers (except for the ones that have AirPlay) .

Rebooting doesn’t do anything, they do not show up at all.

Been using Roon with Sonos for many years, never had any issues before.

Please help me bring Sonos speakers back ?

Hi All,

So after I took the time to enter all this info, I had the hunch to look up something, and it fixed it. On my Mac I had both the Wifi and the Ethernet connected, after I disabled the wifi, it started working again.

I had hardened the Ethernet address for Arc to work, I imagine that with this new version, we can’t have two IPs.


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