All sources go silent after few seconds

Roon Core Machine
Sonic Transporter
Uptone Etherregens
Sonore Signature Rendu SE Optical
IFi audio pro IDSD Signature

All sources (local storage, Live Radio, Quobuz, Tidal) cut out after only 2-10 seconds!

Al Jones

Have you done basic troubleshooting like rebooting everything

Rebooted everything multiple times.

Still no music. Before I could switch sources by selecting a radio station, then quickly selecting Tidal or Quobuz and have music for up to a minute. Now, it just runs through the queu quickly and plays nothing.


Can you simplify your network, im presuming uptone etgerregens are so.e form of network device, take them out of the chain as a test.

The Etherregen runs fiber, so I need it inline. Things have changed once again. This morning (European Standard Time), when I start a station or a track, it plays for 2-10 seconds, then stops. Curiously, if I start a Quobuz or Tidal playlist, the same thing happens, but playback resumes from the start of the next track, as if the list had been playing the whole time, but again only for a few seconds.

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