All Tidal-albums browsing


as far as i know it is only possible to browse Tidal in the new album catagory.
I would like to browse the complete Tidal-library.
Or is there any way i havent seen?
For me the great advantage of Tidal is to find music i don’t know…


Dear Carsten,

In the Album View’s „Focus“ go to „ Inspector“ and use „Storage location“ filter. There you‘ll find an option for „Tidal“. You May Bookmark the filter setting for further quick access.

I presume you mean browse all Tidal content not in your library and certainly I don’t know of any way to this this currently from within the Roon app.

You probably know that if you browse on the Tidal app and favourite an album in Tidal It will show up in Roon, which might do as a workaround.


Thanks John, i will try that. Hónestly i never took a look on the Tidal app,
Think i have to configure WIndows-Sound first.
Walter i tried the inspector, but that shows me only the Tidal albums i already have in my library, my intention is tho find new music

have a nice day

That‘s correct - (as I can know and consequently use) the powerful inspector tool goes on Roon library content only. I understood your request in the context of „browse Tidal in the new album category“ as your intention to find an alternative option to browse YOUR selected Tidal library scope.

Furthermore I can confirm the procedure to simply use the Tidal app as a workaround as described by John. At least I successfully used the Tidal app search for such cases several times.

Have a nice evening

I Have tried the Tidal app and i can find a lot more albums than are visble in Roon, but the functionality is generally the same, browse new albums, important albums etc, it all ends somewhere at 2015. So it seems there is no full browsing possible with Tidal. Of course searching finds the older albums, but you must know what you are looking for.
I wonder noone is crying for that functionality, for me thats essenitial.
But now at least i know how to remove Tidals from my library and have new music for the next weeks :slight_smile:

Thank you for helping me.

For me it would have been ok if only I would have been able to apply a blacklist filter prior to roon fetching data from Tidal, so that Icould avoid getting served with artists I dislike.

For a local collection there’s no need for such a blacklist filter since that’s already built into the collector him/her-self. One most unlikely bloats a collection with stuff one won’t listen to.

Both Tidal & Quboz offered me 1 pearl within 100 wasted items within 3-4 weeks trial. Nothing which would make me go licensing them.

Being entitled to dig (search box myself isn’t the same as being served. But there’s surely a learning curve for both of them. If not I won’t mind. And same for the integration into roon. No filters such as “only fetch known artists” or “only display content not already in the library” made the experience nothing better.

How do you browse hundreds of thousands of albums?
I used to gripe about that lack in Spotify but how would it work practically?

Millions. That would be a lot of scrolling. Think about thumbing through all of the bins at Amoeba Records in LA, and then multiply that.

You do know that sometimes new albums appear within Tidal genres in Roon, and not just the “What’s new” tab? I also find a good way to discover stuff is by perusing Tidal playlists. But ultimately you do have to know something about music and what to search for. But then one can go off on tangents from there using the similar to/preceded by/etc to navigate to similar artists.

The one thing I would like to see better implimented in Roon for Discovery is more emphasis on record label metadata.

Well, personally I also miss this feature a lot with any streaming service, not just Roon or tidal.
Offcoarse, just browsing through 3 million albums is undoable but there could be a way to narrow down the content more by for example release date, genre, subgenre, by record compagny etc etc. This way you still have to browse through hundreds or even thousands of album but didn’t we all do that when there where still recordshops in existence? For instance go to the Jazz department, browse through the thousands of albums, just pick a few because for whatever reason you think you might like it and listen to them and end up bying one or two. Nowadays anyone can have acces to soo many records that there really is a need for Tools to browse it all, not only serach it all. You can only search when you now what you are looking for, discovering music is about discovering something you never even new it existed. Not one streaming service out there provides something like this wich was for me the biggest drawback why I did not made the switch to 100% streaming years ago. Roon has helped alot to make streaming bearable but it’s not nearly there yet. While Roon’s focus function is of not much help for my own colection, something like it would be a revelation for streaming content you haven’t allready added to your library. So the question on how to browse 3 million albums is about the same as the qusestion how to browse your own 5000 or more albums. That’s why I hope the Tidal integration will go a few steps further in the next release.

So maybe some sort of random algorithm for browsing might be cool: call it ‘bins’ and just like your local record shop, you aren’t entirely sure what’s in the bin, but at least you know the genre, artist, label, etc. And then each time one goes to rebrowse the same ‘bin’ it shows different items. Sounds doable, though not necessarily easy.

I would say Tidal is randomn already, or perhaps more like this:

  • pick anything we have in stock … a randomn + sales driven algorythm.

I would prefer the way MusicIP builds playlists. You create a playlist, have a look and you’re then entitled to select an item and declare it to be of:

  • less like this
  • more like this
  • remove/replace this artist
    Still my preferred way to build my playlist to be used within roon.
    And this was invented in 2007 … means long before AI became an aspect for software.
    And since then … simply nothing like on windows … cosmetical gui development against stunning features.

The above concept would have been something which would make Tidal and Quboz perhaps work. It would have taken less but 20-30 clicks to eliminate what I called ‘waste’ which was presented to me by them.