All Tidal tracks in playlists show unavailable yet all Qobuz tracks available. All subscriptions valid, path unchanged.

Roon Core Machine

Innuos Statement, InnuOS 2.0.8

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet, via BT Home Hub

Connected Audio Devices

Audio Research Ref CD-9SE (DAC)

Number of Tracks in Library

A few thousand

Description of Issue

All Tidal tracks in all playlists suddenly and consistently show Unavailable in the last month. Yet all Qobuz tracks are available.
All subscriptions remain unchanged and valid. All s/w versions are current.

Hi @Westchr,

We’re sorry to hear that your TIDAL tracks were not cooperating with you in Roon. Are you still having this problem?

If so, in Roon, please go to Settings>Services>TIDAL>Edit and ensure that you’re still logged into your account there.

If everything looks good in Roon, go to TIDAL’s webplayer and check to see if your password still works and that you account hasn’t lapsed.

Please let us know what you discover, we’ll be watching for your reply. Thanks!

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