All Tidal tracks just disappeared

I was just listening to some music in the background with roon while working on different stuff and put together a nice queue with the help of the radio function. The queue contained Tidal tracks exclusively.
All at sudden the music stopped. I had a look, only to find that not only the queue was suddenly empty, but all my Tidal tracks have disappeared from the database.
I’m logged in to Tidal and can access the Tidal section in roon just fine. A manual sync of the Tidal database from the settings menu had no effect at all. I’m currently on a computer that is configured as a remote.

Tidal integration always was a bit wonky for me, adding stuff in roon was mostly a hit and miss. Some days ago I deleted the tidal cache on my roon server. Things were back to normal after that, until today. I get increasingly fed up of all these problems and inconsistencies with Tidal integration, considering that this was the feature that made me buy roon in the first place.

Hello, I with some other users have the same problems and there are other threads about it
For example, All Tidal Albums disappeared from roon library

The support team says that they have found and fixed the issue but we have to wait unti 1.2 release.
In the meanwhile we could see our tidal albums come and go from our library…

Bye Andrea

Thanks, @Andrea_Tacchetti. I missed the information that there’s a fix available already.
I’ll wait and hope for the best. And until then probably delete my tidal cache every other day :innocent: