All tracks dissapeared

All my tracks dissapeared today.
Network paths are correct. Other sofware works fine.
Roon cant find the whole libraries again, although there is a short scanning moment after each restart.
Any hints of what might have happened are usefull.

thank you

Hi @miklats – sorry for the trouble here.

This is probably an issue we’ve already fixed for our next release, but I’m going to send you a PM and we’ll confirm, and then we’ll get you squared away (whatever the issue is).

Stand by.

Hello Mike

Thanks for the help.
The report has been sent to Roon.

I run Roon Version 1, build 30 (stable).
Operating system is Win (64) 8.1.
Its a selfbuilt PC. 32gig RAM, i7, 2512gig SSD, 14terra HD, Asus M4A89GTD Pro Motherboard
Radeon R7 250X Graphic Card.
I upgrade to Win 10 after Roon is working properly again.

This has also happened to me today. 0 tracks in my library!

Hey @mjt5282 – I’ll send you a PM and we’ll take a look. If it’s the same issue I’m thinking of, we have a fix for you.

Stand by.

Anything on that problem of the dissapeared Library?
I added new music today. Initially it was added to a library. But after a restart of Roon, the Music was gone again.

I just sent you a PM with some next steps @miklats – take a look and let me know if you have any questions.

Sorry for the trouble!

Solunds very much like the problem I’m having. Each time I shut down Roon, my whole library disappears. If I add new files to watched folders that music shows up as it should right after i add it. If I close out of Roon and reopen it 5 minutes later the newly added files are gone as well. Happens both on a network drive and on a fixed drive.

Hey @sdolezalek – good call. This is the same issue, and I just followed up with you via PM.

As I mentioned, we believe this is resolved for our next release, and we should be able to help in mean time.

Talk to you soon, looking forward to getting this resolved for you!