All tracks in certain folder don't get imported

Core Machine

Core running on Microsoft Surface 3, 4GB, Windows 10

Network Details

Everything connected over ISP WiFi router

Audio Devices

Raspberry Pi 4 (2GB) running Ropieee

Library Size

5000+ flac tracks stored on SD card connected to core + plus equal number on Tidal.

Description of Issue

I came across an album (Pink Floyd - Endless River) in my local collection, in which only one track has been imported and then Roon links to the full album in Tidal. However, the folder in my storage has all the files (tracks) and I have verified that the files are accessible and playable through a external music player. So far I have observed this only for one folder and I’m yet to check my other albums. I also tried refreshing the DB. Is there anything else that can be done to fix this?

Is there a versions tab on the album detail page? Probably the (partial) Tidal import is set as Primary version and the complete local version hidden then?

I had check versions tab earlier, but probably not close enough. When you mentioned it, I went back to the versions tab and it seems all the while I was looking at a Tidal version of the album and not the local one. The one track it showed was probably the one I had added to my favorites in Tidal. I also figured what was actually happening - it seems there are two versions of the album - original & a deluxe. I had deluxe in my Tidal favorites and original recording in my local drive. When I searched for the album in Roon, for some reason, it returned only the deluxe version in the results. If I go to my albums and apply filter on artist, I’m able to see both albums. Its odd, why Roon search behaves that way. Maybe it returns the returns results by release date?:thinking:
@BlackJack thank you, for pointing me towards the right path :+1:

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