ALL tracks in Tidal are unavailable


I’ve recently started using both Tidal and Roon. The thing that I really liked was how I could have my local files and Tidal work seamless together. And it did, for a while (2-3 weeks or so).

The problem started maybe a week ago and I could sometimes not play Tidal tracks, but right now I am not able to play ANY Tidal track. Local music files work fine.

What could be the problem?


Is Roon displaying any error messages, when you attempt to play a Tidal track?

Is the computer running Roon still connected to the internet?

From Roon’s Settings, try logging out of Tidal and then back in … (I had to do that once).


I found that I could no longer login to Tidal from Roon, so I decided to restart Roon Server on my Synology NAS. After the restart I could login again and tracks are playing as they used to.

(I also had to reboot my HifiBerry Raspberry Pi in order to get it too play, but now it’s working fine again!)