Allman Brothers at Fillmore East

The original album does not appear to have a match in Roon. It only matches with the larger, grander “The Fillmore Concerts”.

Same here.

Bump. Any word on this?

Good catch guys – we’re marking the two albums equivalent when they are clearly not. I’ve opened a ticket in our bug tracker.

Thanks for the report!

Still an issue:

There are several versions of this, and Roon doesn’t differentiate:

a. “At Fillmore East” - the original set with 7 tracks from the 70s. Available in CD, SACD-DSD, and hi-res PCM.

b. “The Fillmore Concerts” - from the 90’s. Same concert as above, but remixed and re-edited, and with an 8th, bonus track. It also has a different - color - version of the cover.

c. “The 1971 Fillmore East Recordings” - 6 disc set from 2014. Roon does differentiate this and the meta info and description are correct.

“a” and “b” above are both defined as “b” - “The Fillmore Concerts” - in title and description. But the cover is the cover from “At Fillmore East” in black and white.

Not some way to fix this after several months?

Bump. I’ve noticed this on several other albums as well that have “deluxe” versions.