AllMusic? Really!

Is AllMusic as bad as it seems?

I’ve started getting ‘staff picks’ in my Notifications (macOS) since visiting the site; can’t see a way to stop that.

The site is almost unusable because of popup advertisements.

The Contact Us page fails to send… I tried (twice) to ask AllMedia for help here.

Has anyone found that, even with a subscription ($12 pa), their information is really good (=accurate and current) enough to make the rest of the experience worth it?

Sorry if this sounds negative. But… what a mess it is!

I don’t know, I occasionally visited the site and never got any notifications. Probably it asked and you agreed, and surely there is a way to turn that off. Probably in My Profile after logging in

The internet (at least the www) is almost unusable because of ads. Get an ad blocker like everyone else

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Thanks, @Suedkiez.

No, I didn’t agree to them.

There seems to be nowhere in my Profile etc to turn them off.

I have 1Blocker.

Is AllMusic worth all this trouble - as against Discogs?

Something must have happened because I don’t get them just from visiting. It would also be extremely unusual to get them without agreeing, for a quite well-regarded site.

Anyway, the whole thing seems to be an Allmusic issue. I know you said that Contact Us fails to send (also unusual) but did you try their forum (linked from the bottom of their pages), i.e.:

I don’t know that one, but surely it must be able to block ads (and if it does not catch one, there should be an option to add it). I use Adguard for Safari and have not seen an ad in a year anywhere (since I’ve used a Mac).

Depends, I guess. It’s not quite the same thing, e.g. Discogs doesn’t have reviews. And you have most (all?) of the Allmusic content in Roon anyway. But on the other hand I don’t think that your experience is to be expected

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Thanks again, @Suedkiez !

I use Yate as well as Roon (and I do appreciate that this forum, here, is, after all, about Roon; so am doubly grateful for help with AllMusic, a third party outfit). Both sites are always referring to AllMusic.

But my experience recently has been with a site anything but the market leader it (cl)aims to be :frowning: .

Thanks. Yes, I’ve just posted there.

Yes; also excellent, isn’t it. I have Adguard too. But tend to be a little wary since it uses its own VPN and some say that two VPNs and (later versions of) macOS don’t mix well.

That’s OK by me :slight_smile:

Aha. So we have. Also relatively new to Roon. Can we access it (AllMusic (track) data/details) directly?

You’re saying what I thought, and hoped. Hence my question.

Again, your insight appreciated, @Suedkiez :slight_smile:

Depends on what you mean with directly :slight_smile: The album reviews, artist bios, and composition descriptions come directly from Allmusic, referred here as TiVo, who is the owner of Allmusic. (Though I seem to recall that Roon gets more data from TiVo that isn’t on the Allmusic website, IIRC mostly on non-US releases)

I think credits and other metadata in Roon use a mix of MusicBrainz and TiVo/Allmusic, but I don’t know how they are selected/mixed.

Good luck on getting the annoyances sorted on the Allmusic forum :slight_smile:

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Thanks, @Suedkiez - Yes, of course…

Roon gets its track information for us from AllMusic.

That’s what has been making me favourably disposed towards AllMusic. Until now.

I ‘pre-edit’ my files using Yate before importing into Roon. The sources (Presto, ProStudioMasters and Qobuz) are not always 100% correct. I like to check anyway… just the way I am: if I’m going to have a proper library (Roon), I might as well have composition, movement and performers (I’m 99% ‘classical’ music) as near perfect as possible.

So I’m looking for a thoroughly reliable database for classical by composer without mention of ‘songs’ (unless they are: Lieder, chansons etc!)

AllMusic seemed to be just that.

But now has the feel of a failing, ill-maintained, half-service. (Hate to say that :frowning: )

Maybe I can do better at MusicBrainz, which I believe Yate uses? It doesn’t seem to be much good for ‘classical’… artist (as opposed to composer) driven?

Thanks, @Suedkiez !

I’m totally non-classical and don’t know the intricacies, I know just that it’s very complicated with classical metadata, but I totally get your goal of having everything as correct as possible :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s just a glitch and everything will be sorted soon! Maybe someone else with an Allmusic account can chime in and share their experiences!

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In any case, @Suedkiez, thanks for your insights: they help me form a picture of what should be happening!

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My gut feeling is that if the Allmusic website was invasive we’d have more complaints here, so hopefully it will all sort out out!

There are some similar complaints about ads here:

It gives some insight about what should and should not happen. In particular, it is clear that there should be no ads when logged into a paid account

@Suedkiez - Yes:

Agreed. When I finally found a way to email AllMusic, I explained that I was considering subscribing; after all, it’s only $12 pa and I would happily ‘make an honest person of myself’ if I felt everything really worked. And that my decision would depend in large part on the speed and helpfulness of their reply.

Thanks; Yes, I read those posts.

Still a little suspicious about a business that makes it difficult to contact them to get help.

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When you find other music sites that respond quickly, please pass them along. :slight_smile:

As for AM, the $12/yr subscription stops all nagging, and for me, it is my go-to source for classical tags. I consider it a bargain for as much as I use it. Occasionally, I will find a lesser-known composer whose compositions are incomplete. And I have not tried to test their response to user complaints.



Point taken!

Thanks. Encouraging!

Hmm, I don’t seem to get obnoxious pop-ups. I do pay the $12 a year for a sub so that might have an effect on the ads. Even on my phone, which has a minimum of ad blocking software, the site is perfectly usable.

At $12 a year I think the site is a steal considering how often I go to it.

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Does the name “Roon” ring a bell?

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Yes, I plan to subscribe, @Michael_DiTullio.

Actually the MusicBrainz database is fundamentally very good for Classical music. It supports Works as a separate entity from tracks/recordings, its supports adding all performers, conductors, composers ectera and the album artist should be set to the Conductor/Orchestera ecetera not the composer

Where it falls down a little is that although there clear guidelines for adding classical music sometimes the regular non-classical guidelines are used for classical albums. So this means the data from MusicBrainz sometimes has to be massaged a bit more.

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@paultaylor, thanks!

I’ve used MusicBrainz a little; obviously I now need to go and look again. Appreciated… :wink: .