Allmusic review not showing up on new releases

Hello. I’ve added some new releases to my library - Emitt Rhodes, Margo Price etc and the allmusic reviews aren’t showing up even though they are posted on the website. What’s the deal? Even after “re-identifying” it still doesn’t show up. Can anyone explain for the discrepancy here? Paying for Roon is for the metadata pulls and were not getting a fair shake here. Maybe they will show up on a few months?

Roon sources metadata from Rovi. is not Rovi, but an independent entity. I’m not sure what arrangements exist between and Rovi, but I suspect that since AMG became independent of Rovi they continue to generate content which is sold to Rovi…so AMG has the content in their website ahead of same being available on Rovi and thus Roon.

I think you have it the wrong way round. Rovi is the data generator: AMG is one of their licensees, as is Roon.

Not sure anymore, it’s changed so many times. Rovi definitely aggregates and licenses content, how much of it they themselves generate these days I don’t know. AMG used to be the allmusic content generator then they sold out to macrovision (if memory serves) which later morphed into Rovi. I guess it very much depends on who the editorial staff work for today…allmusic or Rovi. I can envisage a scenario where AMG sells content to Rovi and licenses it back at preferential rates

I think you’ll find it’s now quite simple:

Where does AllMusic get its information?

The album, artist and song information on AllMusic comes from our data provider, Rovi. Rovi provides us with written content like reviews and biographies, tagged metadata like Genres, Styles, Moods, Themes and Similar Artists, as well as information about credits, album covers, sound clips, music videos and a ton of other good stuff. Providing your product to Rovi is the best way to get your information on AllMusic.

My product information is appearing on the AllMusic website, but not on some of the e-commerce sites that Rovi supplies data to. Can you fix that?

It is up to each Rovi licensee to determine what products they present on their sites. Any questions you have about the presentation of your product on other sites should be directed to the owners of those sites.

(Quotation from

It appears the lag is with new releases. All my older releases are showing the proper data. Hopefully it will catch up soon.
Thanks for the info, guys!

Thx, that clarifies it I guess. Also makes AMG’s future rather rocky which would explain why they’re offering subscriptions and have increasing advertorial content. Doesn’t explain why Roon’s metadata should lag AMG’s.

Agreed. I’ve been monitoring this for product I submitted myself, and it’s many weeks between AMG and Roon getting the metadata.

Yeah, the allmusic website is a drag to navigate through with all the ads popping up everywhere… That’s why when I add a new release in Roon, it’s nice to have all the data there - minus the ads!!

Except, new releases aren’t showing all the data yet in Roon. Argh…

Can you be more specific about what’s missing?

We release updated metadata a few times a week, but there are a few cases where we will skip an album if certain critical information is missing (like a track list). Let me know what’s not showing up and I can take a look.


All you need to do is check the Tidal section of new releases and see the metadata is not there for most stuff until almost a month later. I’ve mentioned this in the past when I also had an issue with new Tidal releases not showing up right away. That part has been fixed but the metadata has not. I usually see a 3-4 week delay between Allmusic showing data and Roon. For most part Allmusic has data the day albums are released.

Yeah, I totally get that and I’m fine with waiting. I can always go to allmusic for up to date listings. Although, even allmusic is slow to the draw sometimes when it comes to Europe imports…