Allo Boss2 OLED Screen not working after update


So after new install of RoPieeeXL 2022.08.1 (0524) there is no output on oled screen of the All Boss2. This is obviously where users change filters, can see the sample rate etc.
Any idea what’s happened?
I do have instructions to fix by SSH but have just found that its gone.

Hope you can help.
Thanks for everything you’re doing.

I can’t seem to view the Boss2 manual from their site, but are you sure the new generation of RoPieee is supported? You might have to stay on the old architecture (but I am guessing).

The Boss2 is in the DAC list & I am getting sound through Airplay as usual, albeit a bit quieter (not a problem).
I remember the manual is very minimal and not much help; For other operating systems on the Pi4 I had to enter some code via SSH to get the screen to work which was one of the reasons I loved RopieeeXL since first use. Screen worked, if the Pi gets shut off accidentally you don’t lose an SD Card, it just boots up again.
A fantastic piece of software for those of us disinclined to tinker.

The new RoPieee released last spring does not support SSH, so that may be an impediment for you.

Yes. That’s the reason I’m posting. Thanks though.