Allo Digi One Signature and EQ

Following my recent adventures with Bluesound, my quest to find a Roon endpoint continues. I am currently using a few Sonos units (including a connect) for a second system and that takes care of multiform audio sync for parties. I am looking for something better to use alongside the Sonos for more serious listening and I am considering the Allo Digi One Signature + Dac (probably my old Rega Dac). I need some advice in case someone can pitch in:

Besides Roon, I like to use the Allo as a Spotify connect receiver and for that I need EQ (not enough space from back of speakers to the wall). Roon includes amazing PEQ but for Spotify or apple airplay, I need something more.

Using the Allo Digi One with Volumio a while ago, I was able to download the Volumio EQ plugin but this conflicted with the Roon Bridge I had installed alongside. I was able to use the Volumio EQ but that would disrupt Roon. Roon worked perfectly again once the Volumio EQ was removed.

Would something else, e.g. Dietpi allow me to run Roon bridge alongside an EQ plugin that would help with Spotify etc.?

Maybe another solution that would work better?

Many thanks