Allo DigiOne and Qute2

Can you exit that and try alsamixer -V all

Yes sending DSD directly to my Qute2 (not a 2Qute) didn’t work out as the format of a few of my albums arent supported by the Qute…so best to just leave it at sending PCM I believe!

Also try this and list what it gives out
amixer -c 0 controls


-V all just gave me that same little gui without any level control (or the level control bar showing which you see and everything else I read online says I should see!)

what version of dietpi is the bridge running?

version I just updated to is 6.17.12 It was on 6.15

Ok this might be normal for the digione then. I just looked at an Allo doc I found online and it says that alsa settings are not relevant to the digione. If you getting audio out it obviously working as it should. I would contact for assistance if you feel its too low.

Thanks a TON Simon. And I learned how to ssh into it in the process :slight_smile:

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Ah, you mean the Naim UnitiQute 2.