Allo DigiOne board

(Rubén Rodríguez) #511

Is there any Lampi user out there to light my way?

(Martin Webster) #512

Hello Tom,

How does the coax input via DigiOne compare to USB as transport for the 2Qute?

(Tom WoB) #513

Hello Martin,

sorry, I don’t know, I never used the USB-Input so far !

I use optical Toslink for the connection with my Windows-PC and I use BNC to connect DigiOne. Toslink because I don’t want to have any “electrical connection” with my PC. I know that the USB-Input of the 2Qute DAC has a galvanic isolation, but you have to install additional driver on a Windows-PC for USB, Toslink works “out-of-the-box”.

Windows-PC Toslink I use for PC-sounds, Gaming and iTunes (up to 48kHz, 24-bit). DigiOne (moOde audio player) for FLAC-CDs or real HDtracks (up to 192 kHz, 24-bit). I’m very happy with this constellation … From a technical point of view, I think BNC is the best connection you can get to connect 2 digital devices !

(Martin Webster) #514

Thanks for your reply, Tom. I decided to give it a try and bought the DigiOne. Should have it in a few days.

When I first tried the 2Qute I still had a DAC+ hat installed on Raspberry Pi and I could hear some “ticks” every now and then. After removing the hat they’ve gone, but I think I can hear them when I upsample.

I read elsewhere that someone had a similar experience with USB on the Pi and that dissapeared with the DigiOne.

I’ll report back after I receive it. John Darko certainly rates this.

(Marcel van der Veldt) #515

Hi Johan, so I received my HQ cable BNC to coax and still no 192Khz/24bit content is playing.
The strange thing is when I connect connect a NanoPi NEO with a plain RCA cable soldered to the SPDIF pins, it works fine which seems to me like a more low quality source. On the display of my receiver I can confirm that it receives the 192khz stream.

Might this be a handshake issue ?

The connection is made to my Onkyo receiver.


@Marcel_van_der_Veldt I’m not Johan, so just a thought: did you try the RCA output of the DigiOne? This is supposed to be a 50 Ohm terminated output (the BNC is 75 Ohm). Maybe the input of your Onkyo is 50 Ohm? Of course is is still possible that your DigiOne is off-spec somehow…

(JohnV) #517

I have a DigiOne connected to a Yggy (max 192), and a 192 recording would choke every time. So as a workaround, I changed the DO’s Sample Conversion table as shown below:

(Part of the window was cut off…)

Anyway, worth a try.


I was sent a new DigiOne to address the static issue and the need for daily restarts. Swap went fine and it has been running for a week with no problems.

Thanks. Great customer service from Allo.

(Marcel van der Veldt) #519

Yes, I did try the RCA connection at first and when that was not working I bought an HQ bnc to rca cable and still not working. Thanks for the tip though.

(Marcel van der Veldt) #520

Thanks! I didn’t work but discovered that 176.4Khz is working so it’s only 192khz that is failing with the DigiOne. Strange!

(johan ) #521

Hi Marcel

we could replace the unit. I think however its a problem with the DAC , it does not like fast edges on the 192Khz (while on slow edges it will work). What DAC do you have (year) ?

(Marcel van der Veldt) #522

Hi Johan, thanks for the reply. I have the DigiOne connected to my receiver: Onkyo TX-NR676 which is from last year and contains the AK4458 DAC. I’m not sure if this is an issue with the DigiOne or the receiver or a combination. Strange thing is that I connected a NanoPi Neo SPDIF output directly to the receiver and it plays 192khz. In case of the DigiOne it won’t play 192khz content but it does play 176.4 khz.

Before using the DigiOne I tried several DAC’s connected to the stereo RCA inputs of the receiver but the digital connection gives by far superior sound, I think because of the room correction stuff in the receiver and the digital signal path.

(johan ) #523

NanoPi etc , have very slow edges on the spidif output. On DigiOne you have very fast edges. That might be a reason why its not working especially if the implementation is sub optimal.

Contact us for an exchange .

(Marcel van der Veldt) #524

I have no idea what you mean with the fast and slow edges but if you think that a swap might resolve the issue I’m fine with that :slight_smile:

I’ll contact you to discuss a possible exchange. Thanks for the support!

BTW: The DigiOne sounds amazing ! There is a real difference in sound quality from the HifiBerry Digi I was using before and the NanoPi. Sound is more detailed and more deep bass. Really happy with it and the 192khz issue is just a small detail.

(johan ) #525

I cannot guarantee that it will work but its worth trying.


Maybe a 1:1 75ohm isolation transformer on the link could slow down the edge enough to make it work, but still keep reflections under control on the transmission line? I do not know if a transformer such as this exists though…

(JohnV) #527

Well, my tip was to set 192 at 192 in the custom screen. Shouldn’t have to do that, but it worked for me.

(Rick Ruffin) #528

Hey Y’all. I previously used a usb to s/pdif converter in my system., but instead of powering it with the included wall wart, I used a 9 volt battery from the cable company. This really improved the sound - more quiet background and richer presentation. Now, I am an Allo customer. Upgraded the DigiOne power supply to the iPower and am ready to upgrade to a linear power supply. However before chosing one from the many that have been mentioned in this forum, I wanted to know if anyone is using a battery to power their DigiOne for audio. If so, then which one? There are many Raspberry Pi batteries on the market.

(Hiroaki Kitano) #529

I got a DigiOne today

Sorry for basic question, but is there ready to go Roon-Raspi3-DigiOne image that enables digital coax output?


(SoulEye) #530