Allo DigiOne board

(Martin Webster) #696

I agree, they should have come with double sided adhesive pads or a small tube of glue.

(Eric) #697

Same problems with the rubber feet, solutions please?

(Karl Wikström) #698

Glue. Works for me.


Does that not cover the screws in a rather permanent way?

(Karl Wikström) #700

Probably, but I don’t think it would be hard to peel off the glue when necessary.


So I just did the latest update, as usual I used ssh. All finished ok, and now, it won’t work. I have tried turning off and on again but its not recognised in Roon any more and I cant login via the webpage. Any thoughts?

I had to re-download another image and reflash the card. I am currently on 6.18.14 but I am obviously hesitant to update now.


I always keep an extra card flashed with a known good sw version and ready to install in the event I have problems with an update. Works great and minimizes downtime.


Hi @Dan_Knight. In respect of the my bricked digione earlier today, you asked for;

  • SD card used (make + model) - SanDisk Ultra 16gb
  • Power Supply used (make + model + rated amps) - IFI wall wart
  • Was the current image (before update), provided by Allo, or, a manual flash using latest DietPi image? - downloaded via dietpi forum but I did search for allo dietpi, same this time to fix.
  • List connected USB peripherals - None - links to an Arcam irDACII via coaxial. Its fed via ethernet from an netgear switch


If you’re looking for things to reboot, don’t forget the router…


Thanks. I managed to get it working again by finding an earlier version and I re-flashed the memory card. I am just waiting to hear back from Dan now.


You must be tempted to not update now…grass is fairly green this side!


I read that the ticket for this item had been closed on the dietpi site so I had another go. It wasn’t straight forward and I thought I had bricked it again, but I could go in via ssh and it basically continued the update. Then I thought I had bricked it. So I back in again via ssh and ran the update again and this time, it worked. Now sat on 6.20.6 and can access via the allo web page too. This was the same, pretty much for the digione and USBridge.

(Jerry) #708

you can buy two sided tape in hardware store.
The stuff for plastic inside window frames…
Uncover one side fasten, cut to size peel off other side hold in place helps if its warm.
good luck

(Jerry) #709

I had some hickups as well. I have mine connect via HDMI for console output. So took a picture from GUI if someone needs it can PM.
First time mine failed. So flashed again with Allo DietPi and tried again tonight and passed. I selected okay to “Would you like to revert to the APT kernel now ensuring stability and”.
I’ll pop my other card with Ropieee in a later or tomorrow, but seems to sound slightly different muted almost. I also installed an new isolated power bar. To cleanup a bunch of walwarts between turntables, digital devices, switch.
So could be a clean up of noise.
Definitely sounds a bit better back on ropieee.

(Jerry) #710

try clicking the speaker button, select device setup, show advanced scroll down and select a lower max sample rate like 96kHZ maybe what you have DS connected to can’t handle 192.
Power supply’s have been most of my problems. One fried my SD card…
Note: if you follow what I am saying and you are listening to it, DS/ROON will stop playing music just press play again

(Phil Knowles) #711

I just tried to update Dietpi from 6.19.7 to 6.20.6 without reading this thread. The update seemed to work but via SSH the version is still showing as 6.19.7. Is it safe to try and update again as I read people saying this bricked their device???

(Angel Catala) #712

I did. After a few reboots and updates my USBridge was updated.

The update from 6.19 to 6.20 was painful but finally it worked.

(Jerry) #713

The update seems to replace a customized kernel that DietPi doesn’t want to support anymore. To me it sounded different afterward.The first time tried to continue but it hung on boot process job for 11 minutes (my internet is quick). So just redid my card with DietPi Allo, which is version 6.18. Other than accepting change above second time with DietPi update it went smoothly. No I am not saying you have to redo your card for update I did.

So went over to Ropieee to compare sound. It also automatically did some updates so once you install and configure expect several reboots. (I have December version downloaded). It did some January updates and started glitching or crashing, saying it needs to make voltage adjusts just before it turns video output off.
So reverted to DietPi Allo 6.18 and not running update for time being. Wait for next one and test again.

(Jerry) #714

Grab a computer monitor or use your LCD TV, connect to the HDMI port on device. You can see whats going on similar to a Windows or Apple computer command prompt. I am back in Dos days LOL.
If problems are PS related its a great way to monitor power on DietPi. If under powering a bolt is flashing on top right of screen. Now it’s normal for bolt to appear while booting, loading services or during update (filesystem writing to card). The bolt should never stay lit constantly after the Pi is loaded and the green light has stopped flashing on it. The green light indicates filesystem writes to card.

With Ropieee it disables the display, shortly after boot up but still nice to see whats going on during boot up. So the display output is my plan. With Ropieee and attach the 7" screen so I can free up HDMI port. Really like the touch screen aspect. Anyone using one? Want to know if on boot up you see console output then switch to Roon interface afterward.
Kernel recognizes this Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 Plus. You need to sync it once on a Windows or Apple computer. The receiver is under little hatch not missing from rectangle underneath keyboard. Use Logitech unifying device software if there is a firmware update do it.

(Tim) #715


The 7 inch touch display shows messages as RoPieee boots. It switches to a copyright screen after boot and then on to the track display screen. I have two and like them very much.