Allo DigiOne board


Just placed order thanks

Actually decided to use an old iPad I had around instead. With magnetic flap it sticks to top of HTR that I use as a preamp. So others can use it with simple password to make changes at stereo stand. Allowing me to keep my newer iPad at listening position.


My DigiOne is on its way… Any benefit from having a BNC > RCA over RCA > RCA coaxial cable?

(Martin Webster) #718

No benefit. The BNC connector and cable are rated 75Ω whereas the RCA has a nominal impedance of 75Ω. However, S/PDIF was designed with RCA (and TOSLINK) in mind so you’re good to go with any quality (inexpensive) cable.

Personally I look for cables assembled from studio grade components, e.g. canare, van damme, neutrik etc.


Cool, thanks.


OK… So my Digi One arrived, hooray!

But, stupidly I put it together last night just after the kids bedtime when I was very tired… ( excuses, excuses)

So, I managed to break off one of the hex brass stand off connector poles that screw through the Pi and into the base of the Allo Aluminium case. So there are only 3 in place now. The rest is all held together very nicely and I am impressed with the build quality.

My question is - with one of these screws/poles missing am I all right to still use it?

If I am not then I have a problem! As one of the holes on the base of the case now has some sheared off metal in it.

Feeling like a complete donut.

(johan ) #721

You are good, but contact our CS and we will send a free one


Thank you Johan. I purchased through a UK reseller (mod my pi) and they advised exactly the same. Seeing as it’ll not cause any issues, I’ll probably need to live with the 3 stand offs.

(Henrik_123) #723


Opened a new tread but got no reply’s so I try it here instead.

Every time my Audiolab 6000A (amplifier with built in DAC) starts after “standby mode” I need to restart my DigiOne. Otherwise is it only recognized in ROON but without audio being outputted (the song does not go pass 0).

A restart help but this extra step before I can enjoy music is very frustrating.

Could something be wrong with my DigiOne?

I use the latest version of DietPi.


(johan ) #724

How old is your digione ?

(Henrik_123) #725

Hi Johan,

It was ordered from 10/27/2017.

I used different DAC:s in the past that where on 24/7. I had to restart the DigiOne then to but not that often.



My digione is on 24/7 but the DAC it is connected to (Arcam irDAC-II) gets turned off each night. I don’t need to restart the digione the next day, I just turn on the DAC and I am ready to go. I am not sure this helps, but thought I would chime in with my experience. Could you turn your audiolab off instead of standby? Is it easier to turn the audiolab on or restart the digione?

(Daniel Beyer) #727

Same here, DigiOne on all the time feeding an Amp/Dac that gets turned off nightly. Never had to reboot the DigiOne to get it recognized or to get music playing.

(Henrik_123) #728

I would like to keep my equipment on or in “standby mode” because it takes some time for cold equipment to sound the best in my experience.

But If no one have the same issues after turning off and on their DAC, then it feels like something really might be wrong with my DigiOne. I think it has been like this all the time. I did not really suffer that much from it before when the DAC was on all the time.

(Daniel Beyer) #729

When I say I turn “off” my amp/dac, the “OFF” button on a Peachtree NOVA means that the amp goes into Standby Mode not a cold OFF.

(Henrik_123) #730

Ok thanks Rugby, then it is exactly like my Audiolabs “standby mode”

I would prefer to use that but then I have to restart my DigiOne after every start.

(Daniel Beyer) #731

Is your DigiOne using the Coax or BNC into the Audiolabs? Maybe try the other and see if there is a difference.

(Henrik_123) #732

Tried both, did not notice any difference.


Super Happy Camper :smile:

DigiOne playing Beck, Golden Age 5.1 Mix from Qobuz. Sounds great.

Ropiee install was a doddle.

I can see why this got so well reviewed. Only thing is now I might have to save up to get another one for the garden room…

Very grateful to Allo, Ropiee and Roon for helping me better my music enjoyment both in sound and convenience.

(Jon McNeill) #734

I feel like I’m so close but so far with getting my brand new DigiOne Signature set up. I’ve assembled it, got Ropieee setup (chose Digione option since there wasn’t a DigiOne Signature option), setup DigiOne as a Roon Bridge… but when I play a track in Roon it pauses on 0:00 then skips to the next track. This happens on Ethernet and Wifi, and doesn’t happen with my other non-RPi Bridges. Reboots don’t make a difference in this behavior.

I just bought the boards last week, so they must have the static choke modification that I’m reading about already done to them… any other ideas what could be going on?

Thanks all

(ipeverywhere) #735

Spent many hours troubleshooting this exact scenario myself last night. I cannot tell you how to solve it because that will be dependent on what you’re using for the clean side power but I can tell you how I diagnosed it to get me on the path to solving it.

I bought the Digione Signature from Allo so it came with one “dirty” power supply which is for the dirty side. I had to supply my own clean supply. At time of order Allo will sell you a second supply for the clean side but this is against their recommendation. My understanding that the second supply they send, if you go the route of buying a 2nd supply, is the same as the dirty supply. So… to rule out a power issue on the clean side…

I took a very nice USB charger I have rated at very decent output and used this for the dirty side. I verified this powered the dirty side without issue (booted, stayed on network, no logs indicating an issue, etc.). Then I disconnected power and let everything settle for 30 seconds 9or so). Using the Allo “dirty” power supply I plugged this into the clean side of the board. I then took my USB charger and plugged that in on the dirty side. Glorious sound was heard by all!

If you’ve got the Allo power supply try it on the clean side. If not, keep trying different supplies. I think, ultimately for me, the solution was attaching a power supply that didn’t shut itself down when the Sig started drawing less power than it took to keep the power supply alive and active. A lot of chargers and power banks will shutdown when the load drops to a specific rate.