Allo DigiOne Online

After the usual setup hassles, I have the Allo DigiOne up and running, and will find out once and for all if Roon’s recommended setup (core and output on separate machines) really is superior. In one corner it is DigiOne with coax output ($170.00) vs, Wireworld USB cable with W4S Remedy reclocker ($290.00) to my Wyred4Sound DAC-2. May the best setup win.


I’m very intrigued to see your findings, please keep us posted! :slight_smile:

My first impressions are that there is a definite difference and a real improvement in the sound over the USB connection. There seems to be less noise and more precise definition of the sound (I listen exclusive through headphones). I can A/B quickly between the two connections to see if any of this is my imagination. Thanks for the interest. I was planning to give the Hifiberry Digi+ Pro a shot, but the users of this site convinced me to try Allo.

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Today (9/17/2017) was the acid test, my weekly listening of Mahler’s Eighth Symphony (Symphony of a Thousand). I chose the 24/176.4 version by Valery Gergiev and the LSO, recorded in St. Paul’s Cathedral. As I expected, the USB playback sounded very good, capturing the ambience of the recording location. However, the Allo/coax playback had even finer detail without affecting the spaciousness. I will use Allo for my main listening now, although the USB will not be wasted or neglected, I need it for movies and content from my browser. Thanks for your interest and to the users who introduced me to the Allo DigiOne.

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