Allo Digione Player - No Coax lock/Sound

Hi all,

First time post and a complete newbie to RPs.

I have been using Roon for a number of months with Squeezebox Duets . I decided to replace one of this with the all DigiOne Player (pre configured RP with Digione).

This is loaded with Roon Bridge and as soon as switched on and logged into Roon it identified the DigiOne player. I am able to start audio and it shows as playing in Roon. However the problem is my DAC (Audiolab 8200CD) is showing no lock over coaxial resulting in no sound.

I am using the same DAC/CDP and coaxial cable as with the squeezebox and on switching back the cable to the Squeezebox the coax signal locks and roon is playing through my amp.

As this is the first time have used the DigiOne player I suspect I am doing something wrong…any ideas??

Hi Sean,

Did you have it with DietPi and Allo GUI image ? If you did, I believe you should enter into Allo GUI via web browser (dietpi.local) and change soundcard to DigiOne. For some reason default soundcard selection is RPi board one and not the DigiOne.

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Hi Sean, as a fellow newbie I have found Ropieee to be bulletproof. Just follow his instructions and you will never have to worry about tinkering again with the software. It will auto update.

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Hi Rami,

Thank you for your help, that worked! I knew it was likely to be me missing something straight forward.

I am now listening to Roon on the DigiOne :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Hi Bill,

Thanks I will look into Ropieee.