Allo DigiOne support with Ropieee

Hi Harry

I noticed the DigiOne still has an asterix next to it, on the Ropieee.local settings page.

What’s the reason for the * ?

And has anyone had any issues with the DigiOne with Ropieee? Everything works reliably?


I’ve removed it already. it’s reported as ‘working’.


Thanks Harry, when did you remove it? I just did a fresh install this weekend and the * is still showing next to the DigiOne.


I did not pushed that change to the beta channel, sorry. Done, so you will see it quickly.

All good ! :slight_smile:

Hi Harry

Just sent some feedback 8bdb3b3c0faa57d0. A new Ropieee with the Allo Digione isn’t appearing wupithin ROON. Tried it with a usb DAC too. Wasn’t recognised there either.

You couldn’t have a look could you ?

Hi @ian_frost,

I’m not sure what happened or why exactly, but I see that the installation of RoonBridge failed.
When RoonBridge isn’t running you don’t see the endpoint within Roon.

I suggest you reflash and give it another try.

Regards Harry

Hi Harry

Thanks. How would I know whether it was running or not. Something in the startup script?