Allo DigiOne vs USB output on RPi 3b

Which is higher quality sound Allo DigiOne vs USB on the RPi 3b?

This can be very highly dependent on the USB input of your DAC (a lot of DACs have poor USB inputs). What DAC do you have?

I have a Pro-ject Pre Box S2 Digital

I’ve been researching this and I understand the RPi 3b has a shared USB bus (but the anti jitter USB connectors help apparently) but the new RPi 4 has a separate USB bus, still hunting specific reviews for audio purposes. Thinking of pairing it with a good USB input / RCA output DAC.

I found this:

My first transport was a Rapsberry Pi 3B+ that I used to run RoonBridge on DietPi. With this setup I could flawlessly play DSD128. But with this same setup, I had a hardtime playing DSD128 from HQPlayer Embedded to NAA on DietPi. It seems that DSD128 was close to the USB throughput on the RPi 3B+.

I added an Allo DigiOne to this RPi 3B+ and installed RoPieee. It works fine to me. I play non-upsampled PCM streams with this transport.

The HQPlayer DSD streams go to an Intel based NAA.