Allo Digiplayer vs HDMI

I know this is a very old thread, but I am thinking of getting a Allo Digiplayer to stream to my Anthem AVM 60 and use the built in DAC (and ARC) for music that way. Did you stick with HDMI in the long run and how is it working out over time? I would love MQA support for Tidal, but will figure out what I want to do long term.

Wow, this IS an old thread. So several things have happened since then… the app has gone through several updates, and overall, the weird dropouts and whatever I was experiencing have stopped. The mini must have a head to send out signal, which is dumb, but it has nothing to do with Roon per se. Eventually I’ll replace it with something that sucks less.

So I’m still on HDMI, and it works great with the AVM60, and Roon is amazing as a source for the B&Ws

Hope this helps.

That does help. Do you stream Tidal and/or try the MQA? Too bad the AVM 60 doesn’t support it natively. That would be my killer solution. I plan to use an Allo Digital or my Oppo 203 as my endpoint for now. I will probably jump on it in a month or so and build out a NUC Rock.

I don’t stream Tidal nor MQA. I’ve been a Spotify user for forever, so it doesn’t make sense for me to jump ship. The idea of ‘real’ CD+ quality streaming audio from an ‘all you can eat’ service sounds good, but I have a large enough personal collection, that I am not lacking. For on-the-go music, HQ Spotify is ‘good enough’ as I’m usually listening in loud/otherwise compromised environments.