Allo Katana as Ropieee endpoint does not turn up in Roon

Installed the latest version of Ropieee on my Allo Katana but now the end-point does not show up in Roon.

I can find the RPi on the network and connect to it via web browser.

Not sure what to do next… :frowning:
All input of how to solve this appreciated.

Have you setup the hat/dac in ropieee? Without an output device roon won’t show any endpoint

I have had this working before - i.e. a DigiOne Signature running Ropieee in Roon. But this is the first time I have tried with the Katana. Also first time with this version of Ropieee.

Maybe Harry will chime in when he gets a min.

Hi @Mikael_Arodell,

Can you send feedback so I can have a look? You can find it on the advanced tab in the web interface.


Hi Harry!

Feedback sent with id e89b42e7032c13ec.

Thanks for the help!


Looked at your logs and the problem is the Katana reports an error during initialization (‘wrong chip id’), so it seems that something is wrong with the HAT.