Allo Katana DAC

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Question Johan. I leave questions about the Katana on the Computer Audiophile Allo Forum. The answeres are very slow or never come. Is there a better place to ask questions about the Katana and its feeding? Thank you.


Well Johan, I may be not the right person for a qualified statement. I do not have a sufficient comparison. My old hi-fi system consists of Denon 4400A Monos and Apogee Centaurus Slant 6 speakers. Good equipment, but no high-end. My AMC CVT-1030 MkII preamplifier with tube buffer actually degrades the treble resolution and the stage of the Katana, so it is now connected directly to the power amplifiers. Compared to the Marantz CD63SE or the Allo Boss I can immediately hear the better resolution and precision. The bass is deeper than ever and has more contour, the heights are clearer. Voices are better to locate. Actually, the Katana is better in every way and that already with the Allo standard power supplies. I’m waiting for reasonable power supply recommendations.

How much may a high-end Class A +/-15V power supply improve the sound? Should this be the first step?

To others:
What is the sound quality of the Katana compared to USB DACs like the Khadas Tone board, the Pro-ject PRE Box S2 or some SMSL / Topping DACs?

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Best way is to get in touch with tech support. PM me if you dont have the direct email.

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I am the wrong person to ask how Katana compares with rest, but I think very detailed reviews of Katana are on the way…

I would say as a first step , feed ucontroller with a 5v LPS. Second step will be to have dual rail 15V

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Can a Katana SQ board be changed to a THD board and visa-versa? What are the differences between the two boards?

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After the Beekhuyzen review I don’t think anyone will want the THD board. Those of us that have that board what do we do?

P.S. Johan how do I PM you?

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Yes it can

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I think that difference between then depends on setup and personal taste

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Thank you Johan, so how do I modify my THD board to make it an SQ board.

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If you listen to the Beekhuyzen review its pretty clear about the boards, after that review I don;t think I would order a THD board.

(johan ) #71

You need soldering skills to modify…not that easy.

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Wow +/- 15 VDC takes to to a much higher level, amazing. Use a very very good +/- 15VDC supply.

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…yeap. Its a big improvement

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I’ve asked several questions about Allo products and their applicaction on the Allo forum at the Computer Audiofile site. None have been answered. What am I doing wrong?


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I need to know exactly or as close as possible the draw in milliamps of the +/- 15VDC board please. I need to “trim” a PSU regulator. Thank you.

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Hi Richard

the draw of opamp is about 80ma per rail…of course if your transofrmes ouputs much more, its not a problem

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Thank you Johan

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I am trying to value a trimming resistor for a class A regulator. That resistor value is determined by the power draw in miliamps of the Katana +/- 15VDC board. So far depending on where I post the answers have been 1.5 amps 100 ma and 80ma. Does anyone at Allo know the draw of the board? I wonder. Very frustrating, I might add that customer service is very important these days.


And I might add that I have found excellent customer service from Allo…

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I’m happy for you.