Allo Katana & RoPieee - not working

Installed RoPieee and I can get the web interface so I know that much is working. But the Katana DAC isn’t showing up in Roon under Settings > Networked.

Any troubleshooting ideas? Thanks!

Did you enable the HAT in the Ropieee interface?

Yes, here’s a screenshot of that screen.

Wired or wireless?

Wireless… but I tried wired too and have the same issue either way.


Can you go to the advanced tab and send me feedback? I can then have a look.


Sure - I have hit the send feedback button. Here is the unique identifier I was given: 1bf4ab9d5ce9897b. Thanks Harry!

Hi @Steve_Sovich,

I’ve looked at the logs, and your Katana is not properly identified.
There’s an error stating that it can’t read the chip id.

Can you see if you’ve got the HAT properly attached? Or remove and put it back again?
Otherwise I’m afraid you need to contact Allo that there’s something wrong with your unit.

Regards Harry

Hi @spockfish

I appreciate your help looking into this for me… I finally was able to get in touch with someone at Allo and it ended up I was just missing a jumper - everything is up and running now.


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