Allo Katana with LPS


My Allo Katana can do 32bit/384khz and DSD128.
When you add Isolator v1.2 to mix it is limited to 32bit/192khz DSD 64

Device setup in Roon doesn’t yet detect device but does seem to know its capabilities.

As it can’t be selected by device setup it doesn’t have the cool little line art in Roon just a speaker icon.

I have selected Linear Phase Slow Roll Off filter in asla mixer. Don’t seem to have noises when switching formats.

It is powered by a Linear Power Supply purchased from Ali Express vendor called Gzbotolave Store it is a S11 3 Way Ultra-low Noise with R-core transformers. So it powers the DAC and MIcro-Controller board @5v. The third PS is for a phono preamp. Use an iPower for the Pi. Use a Raspberry B as it runs cooler.
Improvements heard with LPS were immediate I had too much change in my system to determine amount. (Blew up a power amp).
I would not buy 3 channel LPS to power pi go with 2 channel instead for MC and DAC. I never asked if the LPS could do -+15.