Allo piano soundproblem

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Allo vana player


Have a allo vana player with roonbridge and dietpi.
When I use volumio my system works fine but no sound in roon. Have the soundcard in diet pi but still no sound. Tried all settings I can find but no sound. It is probobly me doing something wrong but cant figure out what. Newbee so please help…

Hi @Lars_Pettersson,

I am not sure what you are trying to achieve with Volumio here, but I would take a look at your Roon Settings -> Audio tab first to see if the Allo player shows up there. It would be good if you can post a Screenshot using these instructions of what your audio tab looks like, it should look something like this:

Then, you’ll want to enable the Allo zone, give it a name and select it from the Zone Picker Menu before starting playback:

I believe Allo zones on DietPi can show multiple listings in Roon Settings -> Audio tab, so you may want to check to see which of the Allo zones actually produce the sound output, but this can be clarified once I see the screenshot.


Thank you for fast reply Noris. Problem is solved, I dont know what I did but it works now .
Regards Lasse

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Glad to hear that the issue is resolved @Lars_Pettersson!

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